The best climate for the best party mood

Have the best climate

Anyone who has ever celebrated in a party tent knows how quickly the stagnant and also humid air can start to stifle. In summer it is sticky and hot. To avoid a heat build-up in the tent the optimal air conditioning needs to be in place. Otherwise, the party will quickly come to an end.

Ideal and ready for this use is a high-performance PAC series comfort air handling unit from Trotec, one that really dehumidifies and doesn’t just pretend to refresh like an air cooler does. Go a step further now – with the PAC 2000 X, a high-quality device that can do even more than just cool and dehumidify. The press of a button can reverse the power function, and the device then generates pleasantly warm air. With this all-rounder you will be optimally prepared for every party at any time of year.

The best climate for the best party mood

Spring has arrived. Very soon the first barbecues will be fired up and the first invitations to garden parties sent out. Do you also like to celebrate outdoors, surrounded by your family, with good friends, neighbours and acquaintances? Of course you do! That’s why you’ve really prepared yourself and purchased a large tent. After all, the weather isn’t always on our side when we need it to be. Moreover, a party tent is in itself helpful in summer when a large group is expected and the guests want to celebrate whilst protected by four temporary walls. Or are you planning a big celebration with your club? Here too, the tent is almost a basic requirement. Then, should raindrops suddenly starting falling despite good weather predictions, your guests won’t be left out in the rain. For every tent and every event you also need a high performance air handling unit – like the PAC series comfort air handling unit from Trotec. With mobile and powerful all-rounders you create in no time the best climate in your party tent – for the best party mood, all year round.

Compact and powerful

A mobile air handling unit has the advantage of always being ready to cool and dehumidify, wherever it is needed. Especially in hot weather it quickly gets stuffy in a tent, and thanks to the heat that we give off condensation quickly forms on the walls. Avoid these problems so your guests can feel  all-around comfort –  for example, by commissioning the comfort air handling unit PAC 2000 X! The compact and powerful all-rounder dehumidifies and cools rooms of a size of up to 26 square metres. A pleasant climate can prevail in your tent at the push of a button, and unpleasant condensate water has no chance. The PAC 2000 X is known as an “all-rounder” for good reason. Thanks to its practical inverse function, it can be set to heating operation at the press of a button and provides pleasantly warm air during, for example, the cooler evening hours of a summertime celebration.

Naturally the principle also works in reverse: Heat up your party tent in autumn or winter. Should the air become unpleasant or sticky in the later hours of the day, you can run the PAC device’s climate function for a short while – and the party can go on while enjoying the best climate!

Adapted to your needs

When it comes to real cooling, you are best served by PAC. The PAC series comfort air handling unit comes in different designs and performance classes. Effective cooling is brought by, for example, the air handling unit PAC 2000 E – a real space saver! It keeps rooms of up to 64 square meters cool with a maximum performance of 2 kW. But those who like to play it safe and also want to use the inverse function for the heating mode should rely on the PAC 2000 X.

The benefits to you

  • Cooling, heating and dehumidification modes all in one device
  • 2 kW cooling performance
  • Dehumidification capacity of up to 30 litres a day
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • space-saving build in a stylish design
  • Timer function
  • three ventilation settings
  • removable air filter

Tip: The all-rounder PAC 2000 X is currently significantly reduced and can be yours for only £ 149.04 instead of £ 275.76. Available now in the Trotec shop

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