Water awakens hidden powers

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In the Feng Shui theory of harmony everything revolves around the synergy between wind and water. According to this doctrine of ancient Chinese philosophers, man is aligned with his environment. You can support this well-being, or even increase it, by being aware of water.

Pure, fresh water that strengthens you, body and mind, is on tap. A SecoSan stick from Trotec safeguards the purity of this valuable element for you.

Water awakens hidden powers

Everyone knows that water is fundamental for us humans and for the Earth. Every life is born from water. The element stores energy and vital substances. It transports these and delivers them to plants, animals and to humankind. This is ultimately also the reason why we feel at ease close to water. Water is, after all, our origin. The powers that are awakened and the harmony that is released in us and all around us by water are the cornerstones of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. Feng Shui translated means wind and water. Thus the great importance occupied by the water element in the teaching of harmony is made clear.
Whomever is striving alongside an often hectic everyday life for peace and harmony and at the same time looking for a source of strength and energy should identify with the wisdom and practices of ancient Chinese teaching. It is up to each individual whether choose to familiarise themselves with the material on their own or they call in a Feng Shui adviser. But one thing anyone can do for themselves and their well-being and to awaken their powers: drink healthy water.

Pure water, pure effects

As the ancient Chinese philosophers and the Feng Shui consultants of today do, you should also attach a special meaning in your life to water. For it promises the energising of body and habitat. Use the power of pure water for your Feng Shui! Drink plenty of fresh, force-stimulating water every day – for pure life energy! Storing your water supply with a SecoSan stick in a glass bottle or carafe will keep it always clear and pure.

It’s that easy

The SecoSan stick in your carafe ensures that the oxygen is bound in the water. With silver ions, which are emitted uniformly to the water, bacteria and germs are enclosed and thus prevented from multiplying. Take a sip of your SecoSan water and taste the natural, pure power of the water which is keeping you going.

We keep SecoSan sticks of various sizes ready for your water supply so that you will always have your desired amount of fresh water available. The best part is: A SecoSan stick lasts for at least half a year and in that time need not be changed out – regardless of how much water you top up every day.
Our offer for you: In our Trotec online shop you will find the SecoSan stick 1 for a filling capacity of up to 0.7 litres in a pack of three for only £ 7.41!

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