The B 200 eco and B 400 Humidifier – against dry heating air without paying a fortune!

B200Eco B400

Trotec prepares your rooms for the cold season. Our mobile humidifiers suck in the air and removes dust and odours. The desired humidity level can be set via hygrostat. This way you can protect your interior from the consequences of dry room air. Your health will benefit of it, because humidifiers also significantly reduce the transmission of infections. Winterise yourself and grab it!

The days are getting shorter and it is getting colder. You switch on the heater for cosy warmth. But this dry heated air damages the interior – especially when it comes to expensive books and works of art. Flu viruses also feel comfortable in dry, heated rooms. Even dust remains in the air for a longer time. You can quickly and easily tackle these hazards for the benefit of your health and your home. At a push of a button – with a mobile humidifier from Trotec! The B 200 eco and B 400 are available now at a sensational discounted rate!

Here’s how it works

Using a replaceable evaporation filter block, the dry air gets sucked in and filtered before being released again, enriched with moisture. Both dust and odours are removed simultaneously. The B 200 eco is fully automatic and has an automatic switchoff. The energy-saving humidifier is ideal for rooms of up to 600 m³. For large environments we recommend the powerful and robust B 400 disc humidifier. The hygrostat-controlled disc humidifier also directs the drawn-in air through a rotating, humidifying drum, which moves through a water bath. Right there the dry air is getting “washed” before being released back into the room.

Especially at winter time experts recommend a relative humidity of 40 to 55 per cent. Don’t just rely on your plants releasing enough moisture, or water vapour from cooking and taking a shower to humidify your rooms well enough. Make the ideal and healthy humidity a top-level issue and choose your professional device from Trotec.

Get your energy-saving B 200 eco Humidifier for rooms of up to 600 m³ just in time before winter starts. Now for € 399.95 instead of € 371.50. You save € 28.45!

For larger applications we recommend the B 400 Humidifier – available now for just € 249.95 instead of € 476.00. Your savings: € 226.05!

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