Our white TTK S commercial dehumidifiers – the cost-effective alternative


Made in EU, the white TTK S commercial dehumidifiers provide a robust and strong performance for a cheap price. Even under rough conditions they dehumidify quickly and reliably. Of course, our new devices are 100 % developed, designed and manufactured by Trotec.

The new dehumidifiers of the TTK S series model year 2013 are the cost-effective alternative for high requirements in a rough everyday practice. The metal housing covered in synthetic material is robust and durable. “On the one hand we wanted to offer a cheap price and on the other hand we, of course, wanted to produce a high-quality dehumidifier”, Rainer Rausch, member of the Trotec management, remembers. “Nevertheless it is not made in China. The new dehumidifiers are made in EU.” Like all dehumidifiers of the series the white models as well have convenient castors and carry handles for an easy transport. The smallest model, the TTK 140 S has rubber-tyred steel wheels. The bigger models are easy to transport due to their full-rubber tyres and an adjustable bar handle.

Convincing with a strong performance

Depending on the model the devices dehumidify between 40 and 150 litres per day and work reliably in a temperature range from 5 °C to 32 °C and a relative humidity range from 35 to 100 per cent. Because of the automatic hot gas defrost they are also applicable in unheated rooms like cellars or garages to prevent the formation of condense water or mould. For an unsupervised non-stop operation you can connect a drain hose.

No matter what your requirements are. We are sure that one of our four new models meets your needs. Order now for a very special price!

For an extra charge of 50 Euro you can optionally equip the dehumidifier with an operating hours counter. Our Trotec service will mount it for you.

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