TCH 20 E and TCH 22 E Convectors – they’re back!

Wow, it’s really chilly! As the days are getting colder, those of us who hate the cold are not looking forward to this least pleasant time of year. With temperatures hovering around 0 degrees, nobody is quick to move away from the radiator – and if anyone does, it’s at most to get to another secondary radiator to warm up.  So as it happens, we currently have convectors from the TCH E series available once again to offer: another island of warmth in the middle of the home that’s always too cold and a cosy heat bridge on the way to the fridge …

The TCH 20 E and TCH 22 E Convectors are an optimal heating solution and simply ideal as a temporary or supplementary heater. Our electric heaters are the first choice – especially for rooms, conservatories and cellars without connection to the central heating. Both devices guarantee fast and convenient heat – with little noise and no odours. Best of all: The convectors are super easy to handle – super affordable to purchase.

The benefits for you at a glance – the TCH 20 E and TCH 22 E convectors …

  • provide clean, condensation-free and odourless heating with a thermal output of up to 2000 W. They heat up the air completely silently via three heat settings of 750 W, 1250 W and 2000 W respectively. The integrated overheating protection ensures safe operation throughout.
  • regulate the desired thermal output via a continuously adjustable thermostat control. As soon as the pre-set temperature is reached, the energy efficient unit automatically switches off – and only turns back on when the temperature falls below this value again. Thanks to the thermostat control, the heaters can also be used as frost guards.
  • heat up the cold air flowing in via electrically heated wires. The now warmer air rises, creating a natural suction effect, which draws the cold air into the unit. This results in uniform and natural air circulation in the room.
  • are both really easy to operate: All you have to do is plug the devices’ power cable into the socket and choose one of the three heat settings by pressing a switch – you’ll be feeling the pleasant warmth in no time.
  • can be moved easily from one room to another due to their lightweight design and carrying handles – with the large adjustable feet ensuring stable positioning. Both convector heaters can be used as a wall unit using a suspension bracket integrated on the back.

Practical benefit of the TCH 22 E – connectible turbo-fan and timer

The TCH 22 E has a connectible turbo-fan to speed up air circulation – ideal for quickly heating cool rooms or for ventilation purposes. In addition, the device is equipped with a timer to program individual heating periods from 15 minutes up to 24 hours.

The TCH series of convectors – for fast, convenient and affordable heating

Get yours now before they’re gone: Take advantage of our current offer price today and order the

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