NEW High-performance infrared radiant heaters – 100% heat at 80% less light

In addition to the benefits typical of these types, such as the generation of pleasant, consistent, clean and condensation-free warmth without preheating, the new infrared radiant heaters gain appeal with benefits of the extra class: Both heat up with much lower light irritation and they are also completely weather-proof. So, in future, you will be able to enjoy your mulled wine in peace on a pleasantly heated patio with a candlelight atmosphere – even when snow falls for the first, second or third time.

The lower light radiation of the new infrared radiators IR 2010 and IR 2050 reduces the bright red light, which has often been considered bothersome in the past, by up to 80% – but of course with the same 100% heat intensity. This effect is possible thanks to the use of the innovative and high-quality low-glare short-wave infrared tube. The resulting pleasantly discreet light makes for a home-like cosy warmth in a candlelight atmosphere both in the private household or at restaurants. And it hardly has an influence on any other existing lighting concepts.

Furthermore, both radiators were designed according to protection class IP65. This means that the professional devices are water jet-proof on all sides and are thus suited to all internal and external applications – they can be exposed to all kinds of weather at all times, whether it’s raining or snowing. Or, since the same applies in relation to dust, both can be used as an excellent heating solution in both dusty workshops and industrial buildings without being damaged.

How it works

The innovative infrared radiant heaters IR 2010 and IR 2050 convert the majority of the energy used into direct heat, which is why they are particularly energy-efficient compared to, for example, a hot air blower. Both professional devices can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors and can be oriented as a heat source precisely and effectively towards, for example, guests’ tables in the dining area thanks to the inclination angle with an adjustable range of 90°. Wherever targeted heat is required, they are ideal thanks to their robust structure and accomplished aluminium design: in the bathroom, in the wellness area, at the workbench, in the basement hobby room, in the conservatory, under parasols or awnings, on open patios, at restaurants, in tents and hallways. To start it up, the connecting cable is simply plugged into the nearest socket.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • infrared warmth without preheating
  • even and targeted distribution of warmth
  • clean, condensation-free, odourless and silent warmth
  • suitable for allergy sufferers since they do not stir up dust

Special comfort functions of the infrared radiant heater IR 2010

The radiant heater IR 2010 gains appeal with all the convenient benefits of the IR series. These include the clean and condensation-free, odourless and silent production of cosy warmth as well as their even and targeted distribution without any preheating and, to the benefit of allergy sufferers, without stirring up dust. The IR 2010 heats its direct environment quickly and economically thanks to its heat capacity of 2,000 Watt.

Special convenience functions of the infrared radiant heater IR 2050

The IR 2050 has all the necessary equipment features in order to defy all challenges, indoors and outdoors. The device impresses with a heat capacity of 2,000 Watt, switchable – also conveniently via IR remote control – in 3 heat stages of 750 Watt, 1,500 Watt and 2,000 Watt, with which it covers a wide heating area. Using the remote control, the infrared radiant heater can be conveniently switched on and off when installed on the ceiling or in hard-to-reach places.

Infrared radiant heaters of the IR series – without light irritation and weather-proof at all times!

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