Keep water clean with the SecoSan Stick

The solution for keeping water hygienically clean is called SecoSan Stick 10.

Simply popped into the tank of a humidifier, for example, it prevents the water from bacteria, algae and unpleasant odours. Bio-neutral and drinking water certified one single SecoSan Stick 10 is sufficient for 10 litres (2.2 gals) of water.

The worldwide patented working principle with a auto-dosing retardation system allows a usage of up to 12 months – with just one stick and even if the water is changed every day!

Relating to our professional humidifiers the SecoSan Stick 10 already became a very famous accessory. And due to our latest special offers you can yet get this highly efficient technology at a special reduced rate.

So why don’t you get more information on the SecoSan Stick now and buy one today?

Get more detailed information below:

Order the SecoSan Stick 10 online.

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