Microsoft confirms that the Internet Explorer 6 is a security risk

Microsoft now officially confirms the necessity to update the Internet Explorer to an up-to-date version. According to the latest security reports the IE6 is a security risk to be taken seriously. Businesses as well as private households are advised to update their browsers to version 7 or 8 of the Internet Explorer as soon as possible.

Tom Köhler, Information Security Director at Microsoft Germany, comments on the report:

“Users who still have Internet Explorer 6 installed on their systems are taking an unnecessary risk and should urgently update to the free version 8, which offers a significantly higher level of protection.”

His statement has its source in the latest Security Intelligence Report for the second half of 2009. This report summarises the collected data of the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), Forefront and the Security Essentials.

In accordance with Microsoft’s interpretation of the report the best protection against attacks from the internet is not only a healthy mistrust, but also an up-to-date anti-virus software. Although a modern browser provides more security when surfing online the combination of different security programs is still the best solution.

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