Pure energy for body and soul


Yoga works great against stress and the hustle and bustle of daily life. With special exercises, you bring your body, breathing and soul into harmony. For every yoga session that you do, there are special muscle exercises with which you train your strength, flexibility and balance.

In addition, breathing exercises and deep relaxation are also part of your wellness programme. The best way to supplement these exercises originally from India is by drinking plenty of healthy water. You can do this at home directly from the tap. A SecoSan stick from Trotec optimally enhances your drinking water.

Pure energy for body and soul

Do you yearn for calm and balance, especially at times when the day-to-day stress of life is getting the upper hand? Using yoga exercises, you can remedy the tensions that affect you both physically and mentally. These exercises are ideally suited to relax for an hour once a week, at especially strenuous times also on a daily basis. All you need are two square metres and a roll-up mat to find relaxation and your centre in hardly any time at all.

Be your own yoga master

Yoga isn’t witchcraft. You can learn exercises ranging from easy to difficult in the corresponding courses, or you can get your instructions digitally to practice from the comfort of your home. Decide on your personal goal when exercising. Many exercises are suited to starting off the next day fresh and full of energy once you wake up. Others are aimed at losing weight. Yet others allow you to break down stress and fill up on fresh energy. You learn how to listen to yourself internally and how to recognise forms of stress and negative influences without passing judgement. After only a few yoga sessions, you will experience tangible successes and draw nearer to the goal of “health and happiness”.

Water in purest form

Because most yoga exercises serve to immerse you in the five elements of earth, fire, wind, water and ether, it is only natural that its practices should be supplemented by absorbing these elements. Fresh air and pure water are especially important here. Before each yoga session, it is best to prepare a fresh bottle of quality drinking water which you drink and benefit from. The purer the water, the more powerful the energy that is released by drinking it. With a SecoSan stick, you turn your tap water into the optimal drink for supporting your health and well-being. The SecoSan stick ensures that the oxygen is bound in the water. The build-up of germs and bacteria is prevented. You can leave your water standing for days on end and it remains fresh and pure.

The SecoSan-stick is available in the Trotec online shop in different sizes: for example, for keeping 0.7 litres of water permanently fresh, or also two litres and more. Select your energy source and order conveniently online.


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