Pure cocktail pleasure


When you finish work in the summer, want to relax on the couch, or to get a party started: a cocktail, whether alcoholic or not, always brightens your mood. However, the enjoyment won’t last very long if the ingredients are of a lower quality. This also applies to the water used to make ice cubes and crushed ice. If stale water is frozen, a stale or even musty aroma will be revealed when it melts in the cocktail glass.  With a SecoSan-Stick from Trotec you won’t need to worry about this.

Pure cocktail pleasure

The better the ingredients in a cocktail, the better it will taste. You know that. Which is why you don’t use any low quality spirits or concentrated juices when you invite friends for a drink in your home. But you should pay just as much attention to the quality of the ice you add to cocktails, long drinks or soft drinks. For example, if your tap water contains a lot of chlorine, your drink will quickly taste like this cleaning additive when the ice cubes start to melt. The taste of the cocktail will likewise be altered if you use stale water to make ice.

Pure water, pure refreshment

Play it safe and only make top-quality ice cubes for your cocktail evening. You will always have pure water to hand if you use a SecoSan stick to prepare your tap water. Fill a jug with the desired amount of tap water and add a SecoSan stick. In just a few hours, you will have the best quality water.

How does the SecoSan stick work?

The SecoSan stick is a small capsule in which silver ions are stored. These are automatically released into the water as they are needed, where they enclose germs and bacteria and prevent them from multiplying. The SecoSan always only releases as many silver ions as are needed. This way the water itself stays ion-free when you use a SecoSan stick – in contrast to other silver products in tablet, powder or liquid form. A SecoSan stick also remains active for half a year, regardless of how many times you refill your fresh water store. The SecoSan-Stick is available in various sizes in the Trotec online shop. The SecoSan stick 1 which will keep 0.7 litres of water permanently germ-free is perfect for smaller quantities and is currently available in a pack of three for just 9.95 euros!

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