MD200 magnetometer – now for a sensational offer price


With the MD200 magnetometer, professionals responsible for the safe supply of water and gas can reliably detect hidden ferromagnetic metals through earth, pavement, snow or water. This includes valve covers and rods, hydrants, metal manhole and tank covers as well as pavement covers and magnets. The MD200 is currently on offer – with almost 50% off!

After just a short time spent learning how to use it, you will be able to use this magnetometer from our MultiMeasure professional series to detect hidden objects that would otherwise require a great deal of effort using measurements and excavation. The device locates all ferromagnetic objects at depths of up to three meters. When you approach these objects, they are displayed on the backlit display as a numerical value and a bar chart. In addition, you will hear an acoustic signal through the integrated speaker, which gets higher according to the signal strength.

How it works

The MD200 magnetometer reacts with a high degree of sensitivity to even the smallest changes in the earth’s magnetic field caused by ferromagnetic objects underground. The measuring device is ready to use just a few seconds after it is switched on, and thanks to the robust ABS construction, the dirt and water-resistant membrane keypad and the water-proof probe made from lightweight and extremely robust carbon fibre, the MD200 can be used without any problems even in the most adverse conditions.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • The precise detection of ferromagnetic metals up to three meters deep
  • The reliable measuring results – non-magnetic metal objects such as drink cans and bottle caps etc. are not detected
  • The extremely light construction at just 830 g including batteries
  • The alarm signal when approaching live power cables

MD200 magnetometer – our top offer for professionals

Order the MD200 magnetometer today for just £ 458.88 instead of £ 780.09 excl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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