PAC 2600 E air conditioning unit – It’s finally back!

No matter how hot, how humid, how fickle the weather outside may be – the PAC 2600 E air conditioning unit keeps the temperature inside at a an ultimate feel-good level. And not only that: Along with room climate control, the unit also offers a dehumidifying and ventilating function. In addition, the extremely compact PAC 2600 E compels with an attractive design – it’s no wonder it was sold out for so long. But this climate specialist is now available once again.

Compact, elegant in design and multifunctional – that is the apt short description of the PAC 2600 E air conditioning unit. With a maximum cooling capacity of 2.6 kW, it can cool down rooms up to around 80 m³ to as low as 16 °C. But as a designated climate expert, the unit has even more to offer – it’s best if you paint yourself a picture.

The benefits for you at a glance – the PAC 2600 E air conditioning unit

  • has three operating modes: Along with the cooling function, the unit can also be used as a dehumidifier, with a maximum dehumidification performance of 0.95 litres per hour. And with the ventilating function, you can switch on the ventilator to 3 different levels to circulate the air in the room – regardless of whether the cooling function is switched on.
  • offers a convenient automatic function. Here, the integrated room thermostat determines the current temperature in the room, and the automatic mode regulates the cooling – regardless of ambient and target temperature.
  • operates with energy efficiency class A – this means that the unit can be operated guilt-free even for longer periods of time.
  • saves you money with the integrated 24-hour timer. The timer enables time-controlled activation and deactivation, if you would like to use the air conditioning unit only at certain times.
  • allows you to control all individual settings via the low-maintenance membrane key control panel with an LED display as well as conveniently via IR remote control. The remote control can also be stowed in a practical folding compartment so that it’s always readily available when you need it, without you having to rummage around for it.
  • can be moved easily and quickly between alternate locations thanks to its compact design, the integrated recessed grips and the transport castors.

PAC 2600 E air conditioning unit – creates a perfect feel-good climate!

It pays off to act fast: Order the PAC 2600 E air conditioning unit today at our current price £396.41 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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