NEW TVE 10 AND TVE 11 TABLE FAN – super cool and extra low-cost!

“A cooling breeze would be lovely right about now!” Such heartfelt groans or similar may be being directed towards the heavens again soon. Now, fulfilling this wish is easier than you think and is only a click away as it were: Order our new robust TVE 10 table fan – or the structurally identical TVE 11 in black – and have rapid cooling at the push of a button to meet all your future needs.

“Phew, that feels good!” will soon be the new way of saying “thank you very much!” to our new table fans. Both TVE fans have an output of 25 watts, two speed levels and a tilting angle on the fan head that can be vertically adjusted with automatic 100° oscillation. With all this they both provide fast and – in comparison to other cooling solutions such as air conditioning units – cost-effective cooling in the workplace or in private living spaces, even on hot days.

This is how it works

The energy-saving 1st speed level on the TVE fans is enough to provide comforting refreshment at moderate temperatures. At this lower speed level, both fans produce only a very quiet level of background noise due to their perfectly calibrated fan blades and smooth operation; it is therefore recommended for cooling in your noise-sensitive bedroom to help you sleep. If the temperature increases to 30 degrees, the 2nd speed level provides refreshing cooling. Due to the automatic 100° oscillation (which can be turned off), the air flow pivots horizontally and the air flow from the fan is distributed over a wide swathe of the room. What’s more, the fan heads can be tilted vertically upwards and downwards by up to 30°, making it possible to perfectly individually adjust the fan to its respective position.

Assembly is already completed in advance – both units are delivered ready for operation. This, of course, provides comprehensive safety: The robust and topple-resistant base provides a secure support, the fan blades are protected on the front and back by a detachable and easy-to-clean metal protective grille and an over-heating guard guarantees automatic deactivation. You only need to set up the TVE 10 or TVE 11 fan and plug in the power cable to be able to enjoy the cool breeze straight away.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the 25 Watt power output
  • the low operating costs
  • the 2 speed levels
  • the automatic 100° oscillation that can be switched off

TVE 10 and TVE 11 table fan – a strong breeze for an unbeatable price!

Order today for our current offer price:

incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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