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You’ve purchased an old building? Congratulations! In this day and age, when real estate is high and interest is extremely low, that is certainly a great investment. For the historical rooms to experience value appreciation, they must be professionally renovated and modernly equipped. Otherwise the purchase doesn’t make any sense. To keep the costs for the renovation from getting out of hand, you can do certain jobs yourself. All you need is some time and the right equipment. Trotec has a series of power tools in the product range with which you can carry out all measures professionally: from removing wallpaper to exposing stucco, to installing parquet and aligning beams and shelves. Practical, professional, Trotec!

There are currently many reasons to purchase real estate, whether as an investment, for personal use or as a pension plan. Especially when the location is right, such an investment is a double win for you: it secures your assets and simultaneously offers the potential for value appreciation. Since new buildings in metropolitan areas are heavily declining, investing in an old building is especially practical. You’ve recognised that and seized your opportunity? Excellent! Now it’s up to you to whip that old real estate into shape, so that it can continue to appreciate in value, and, in addition,  you can live in modernly equipped rooms – for many years, without having to worry about follow-up work.

Optimal equipment

Of course in the renovation of an old building, multiple specialists are required whose work you, as the owner, cannot undertake, for example that of a statistician or architect when dealing with wall displacement or building expansions. But with a little skill and time, or if you, as the craftsman, have been entrusted with the interior renovation, there are many measures that you can arrange or even carry out.  But in addition to skill and time, there is one thing you should bring with you above all: professional equipment. This you can get from Trotec, the leading machine manufacturer from Heinsberg. With a wide range of professional and precisely operating power tools, Trotec is the perfect partner for renovating old buildings.

Perfect for any work

Drilling work of all kinds is fast and easy with the cordless drills and cordless percussion drills from Trotec. They are of course advantageous in that you can, with the appropriate attachment, drill larger holes in the wall, for instance to install power outlets. Anyone who has taken down old wallpaper before knows how strenuous this work can be. A scraper and solvent don’t do much for you? Then get the Trotec multi-function tools. They are true all-rounders which make removing old wallpaper mere child’s play. In addition, you can grind away decades of adhesive residues from wooden stairs and prepare railings for new paint. You can scrape out corners and saw slats and tiles effortlessly and precisely. But you can also do much more: With the right attachment, you can neatly mill out old tile joints, remove bothersome mortar residues and even re-expose historic stucco that was plastered long ago.

Saw, chisel, measure

You can quickly and easily remove old tiles and sanitary furnishings using a professional hammer drill from Trotec. With its continuous strike and speed control, the tool is optimally adjusted to suit the construction material and requirements. The Trotec hammer drills also drill effortlessly through concrete and stone. So scaling down wall projections and removing old heating units is no problem. Even if you don’t brave the electrical system: With the hammer drill, you can chisel conduit slits in the wall yourself and do good preparatory work for the electrician. That will save you a lot of money. Thanks to Trotec, you can even brave the floors. With the jigsaws Trotec has in various designs in the product range, you can personally saw parquet or laminate, worktops and panelling. The essential element for optimal success in renovating old buildings is of course precise preliminary calculation. The measuring devices from Trotec guarantee the most exact calculations in cutting wallpaper and aligning boards, beams and shelves. The digital distance meters deliver optimal results in determining lengths, distances and volumes.

Precision technology

Best quality – precise and professional results. With Trotec’s power tools, you are optimally equipped for your construction and renovation project. And the best part is the devices have an extremely long service life and the price-performance ratio holds up.

For all your needs – order quickly and simply online

You can see an overview of all power tools in the Trotec online shop. Here you are guaranteed to find the helper you need for your work. That and much more! Here you will also find innovative tools to facilitate your work. Take a look, and you can order your perfect equipment online in just a few steps.

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