NEW TTV 4500 S High Performance Fan – available for delivery from today!

Axial Fan

It’s here – our new TTV 4500 S High Performance Fan, the clever solution for nearly all restoration service providers, construction firms, industrial companies and tradesmen. And delivery starts today! Whether you need to speed up construction drying, quickly remove dust or aerate and ventilate building sites, warehouses and workshops in no time – the powerful axial fan is the budget-friendly first choice.

The two-level adjustable blower really makes an impact and thanks to its enormous air capacity of up to 5,000 m³/h – which corresponds to just under 1,400 litres per second – it is the ideal surface fan for recirculating high volumes of air. With this capacity, the TV 4500 S is always the right solution to quickly dry freshly applied building materials or for aerating or ventilating large and very large hall spaces.

The best bit: the air pressure performance can be increased using the device cascade system. To do this, simply connect several TTV 4500 S devices behind one another “positively”, as experts call it, thanks to the innovative series connection with locking levers and fixing pins. Alternatively, operation is also possible in a stacked construction with up to three fans.

This is how it works

The TTV 4500 S is designed by professionals for professionals. This is evident in the many practice-oriented details which make using the device particularly easy and convenient. For example, the robust, lightweight and compact integral housing is geared towards tough everyday conditions and can take a lot of wear with no complaints. In addition, the fan is equipped with an integrated hose connector, carrying handle and cable reel, as well as rubber feet for stability. A service socket also included and the hour meter complete the professional kit, and on the rare occasion that the axial fan is not in use, you can store the devices in stacks of five. A tilt frame is also optionally available for the TTV 4500 S – for targeted ventilation of higher wall and ceiling areas.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • The high two-level adjustable air capacity
  • The robust compact housing
  • The possibility to link up several devices with a positive locking connection
  • Stacked batch operation with up to three devices

Your new fan for construction and restoration is already on its way…

… provided you order the TTV 4500 S Axial Fan today, for just £ 222.64 instead of £ 229.65 including VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!

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