Your bathroom, your spa


A relaxing bath or revitalising shower at home helps you switch off and leave life’s stresses behind. Enhancing your bathroom with sumptuous accessories and luxurious fittings enables you to enjoy your bathroom even more. By adding contemporary touches you can create a little spa area where you can regularly pamper yourself, within your own four walls. Alongside warm showers and baths, massages and grooming products, this should also include a wellness programme for the soul. Which is why you should always keep a jug of fresh water to hand – made natural, pure and healthy using a Trotec SecoSan Stick.

Your bathroom, your spa

Spa treatments are pure, unadulterated pleasure. You enter into another world, leaving your stresses and cares far behind. But perhaps you know that, and love it? And you could quite happily indulge yourself like that every second evening. Of course you could! But, needless to say, it would be too time-consuming and, quite possibly, too expensive to get yourself to a spa in a fitness centre or club several times each week. So it would be worthwhile turning your bathroom at home into a relaxing oasis so that you can chill out and relax there – whenever you feel like it.

Your own wellness sanctuary

True to their desire to unwind and recharge their batteries, more and more people are opting to make their bathroom a luxurious space. There are numerous touches you can add which will turn your bathroom into your very own wellness area. A rain shower head releasing effervescent water from above is already enough to make body care a feel-good experience. Installing coloured lighting in the walls and ceiling will provide de-stressing light therapy as you wash. In the bathtub, too, many people like to not simply wash, but really relax. Add some candles and essential oils to stimulate all your senses. Those who are unable to install a complete jacuzzi can treat themselves to a whirlpool mat for the bathtub. Just like in a jacuzzi, underfloor heating, wall heaters, a bidet, massage jets in the shower and a sauna are the type of complementary luxuries that make many wellness dreams come true. But spas can be more economical, too. For example, a warm colour for the walls, the right play of colours, contemporary or classical décor and innovative hand grips will guarantee that relaxed, cosy feeling in the bathroom.

Goodbye stress!

This is how your home-based wellness area could look. Bid farewell to all your cares and worries, and set aside some downtime to spend in your bathroom. Run yourself a bubble bath, light a few candles and put on some relaxing music. Many bath additives have a delightful scent. Not only are they kind to the skin, they also tantalise the senses. A glass of wine, too? Why not! After a bath, is the ideal time for a pedicure. The skin on your feet is still tender and it is easier to get rid of any callouses. A nice polish glams up your toenails. You will see that you feel completely rejuvenated when your feet have been pampered. A smooth body lotion and a face mask will mean that your skin receives all round care. And be sure to give yourself a little self-massage, easing the cream into your skin with gentle pressure, using both sweeping and circular movements.

Water – wellness tip number 1

But what good is all this luxury, both physical and sensual, if you don’t cleanse the soul, too? Place a jug of fresh water nearby, so you can enjoy a cool drink during your treatment. Water does not just hydrate  your skin cells, topping them up afresh. It also helps to eliminate toxins and thin the blood.
Anyone who values well-being should really ensure that their drinking water is top quality, since it is the fuel which drives a healthy metabolism. Add a SecoSan Stick to your drinking water. It works with silver ions to combat germs and bacteria and keep water fresh.  You can get a SecoSan Stick for your home wellness centre from Trotec’s online shop. There we offer SecoSan Sticks in different sizes. This will enable you to adjust the size of your fresh water store to suit your needs.

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