The brand new Trotec TTK 50 S dehumidifier

Unbelievable but true! The TTK 50 S from Trotec is now even better than before – compact design, more power, less weight – and all for the same attractive price that you have grown used to expect from Trotec!

The compact TTK 50 S dehumidifier is among the most reliable and powerful dehumidifiersThe brand new TTK 50 S of its class. Moreover the TTK 50 S provides reliable, cutting-edge technology that requires only a minimum of space.

But as if that wasn’t enough we went one step further and upgraded our appliances even more!

The next-generation TTK 50 S dehumidifier packs even more power than its predecessor and offers a totally convincing performance – a maximum extraction rate of 18 litres in 24 hours. Quite a considerable feat, considering its compacter dimensions and lower weight.

This makes the new, upgraded, TTK 50 S dehumidifier the ideal appliance not only for the automatic dehumidification of heated cellars and bathrooms, laundry and storage rooms, but also for permanent, non-stop drying of heated and unattended rooms.

Thanks to an integrated and individually adjustable hygrostat, the relative humidity is constantly controlled even when you are not at home or away on business. The dehumidifier activates itself automatically when a specific, preset value has been exceeded and the compressor switches itself off again as soon as the desired humidity values have been reached.

But that’s not all. The TTK 50 S dehumidifier has yet another convincing advantage to offer: an integrated air filter which not only effectively prevents the spread of bacteria and germs, but also filters dust, lint, fluff and pet hairs etc. efficiently and reliably.

All in all the TTK 50 S is just the right low-price solution for all those users who are looking for a compact and powerful dehumidifier without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

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