TTK 100 S dehumidifier discount campaign: the second half

Does it return to your mind? – Exactly! We started a campaign like never seen before just 15 days ago. The idea: an early bird discount on the new TTK 100 S dehumidifier model with a duration of 30 days. So you could already save 15% off the regular price on a new model with 30% more power and 30% less weight. That’s amazing!

So let’s resume: 1% discount on every single day and there are 15 days left – the bottom line is that you can still save 15%. That’s a pretty penny! So all bargain hunters and those who wish to be: the early bird discount provides the opportunity to save 15% off the regular price of a brand new Trotec TTK 100 S dehumidifier of the latest generation. It is worth waiting!

If you’re interested in this special savings offer you should order a brand ne dehumidifier now. If you have been smart you can already enjoy a discount of 25% or maybe even 30% – every day counts. You can beefy save money while the clock’s ticking!

Anything else you still want to know? Then hurry up …

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