PAC 3500 air conditioning unit – now with hardship bonus

Air conditioner hardship bonus

PAC 3500 air conditioning unit for everyone who would normally have to sweat it out! Your thermometer is the key to success: save as you sweat!

Following our highly-successful early-bird discount which we introduced for the TTK 100 S dehumidifier, we now have another amazing savings campaign waiting in the wings. This time we decided to focus on the PAC 3500 air conditioning unit in order to offer you premium performance and quality but without the premium price tag.

The idea: we pay special attention to the needs of all our unfortunate customers who normally have to sweat it out when temperatures start to soar. Some offices and apartments are really starting to hot up now, especially those in converted lofts or studios.

But help is at hand! Because from 17 July to 17 August 2009 everybody whose thermometer rockets skywards can get a PAC 3500 air conditioning unit at a price which will make you to melt: a 20% discount on the original price if your thermometer hits 20 °C, and an astonishing 30% off when the temperature in one of your rooms or your office reaches 30 °C. But only on one condition: go here to upload your photographic proof in our specially designed hardship application form.

We are really looking forward to receiving thousands and thousands of super photos, one or two nice little hardship anecdotes and also to helping all those concerned in keeping a cool head with our compact and now even more favourably-priced PAC 3500 air conditioning unit.

By the way: the idea for our new campaign came from an e-mail which one of our customers sent to us. Yet another demonstration of how big a part customer service and satisfaction plays for Trotec.

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