NEW TTK 30 E Comfort dehumidifier – superior technology in a timeless look


Normally you have to get right up next to your dehumidifier to tell whether the humidity still is or is back to how it should be.  Not with our new TTK 30 E Comfort dehumidifier. As soon as you enter the room, its coloured LEDs inform you of the current humidity status: one glance and you are up to speed. And hidden beyond that timeless look is even more that the superior Trotec technology has to offer…

Here is what the innovative highlight of the Extra-class looks like: just above the air inlet grille on the front of the TTK 30 E there are three LED lights that let you know the humidity in the room.

  • It lights up blue if the humidity in the room falls below 50 %.
  • Green is shown if the humidity is in the optimum range between 50 – 70 %.
  • Red signals ‘Caution! The room humidity is above 70 %!

The dehumidification mode can then be simply set up on the low-maintenance control panel using membrane keys and the digital display: You can choose between the hygrostat-controlled automated dehumidification with a preset target between 30 and 80 % relative humidity in 5 % increments, automatic operation with a preset humidity of 55 % and permanent operation. With its maximum dehumidification output of 12 litres per day, the TTK 30 E keeps any room assigned to it reliably dry.

This is how it works

The TTK 30 E Comfort dehumidifier of course has a variety of additional equipment features from the Comfort series. Among them are the laundry-drying function and timer function, as well as a child lock as a guard against accidentally making changes once the settings are chosen. In addition the dehumidifier has a two-stage fan that is automatically adjusted according to the function, overflow protection with auto-off function and a filling level warning light for when the water tank is full.

The drainage connection for unintended permanent operation and an integrated, washable air filter that further cleans the air by extracting dust or animal hairs, complete the comprehensive range of features of our new Comfort dehumidifier.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the hygrostat-controlled automated dehumidification with preset target between 30 and 80 % relative humidity in 5 % increments
  • the colour-LED display of the current air humidity
  • the laundry-drying function
  • timer function

TTK 30 E Comfort dehumidifier – Air humidity status at the first glance

Order the TTK 30 E Dehumidifier today at our current sale price, no longer for £182.19 but instead for just £77.45 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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