NEW Conveying fans TTV 1500 and TTV 2500 – in the tried tested Trotec design!


Fresh air forward march! Not a problem for our new TTV conveying fans in their exklusive Trotec design. According to the motto: ‘Set up, switch on, done!’, the TTV 1500 and TTV 2500 take over the fresh air supply in poorly ventilated areas or the ventilation during sewer or welding work. The two axial fans get the job done wherever lots of air must be circulated quickly and easily under moderate conditions.

The TTV conveying fans are ideally suited for the fresh air supply or air extraction. Because both devices let you attach air transport hoses on both sides – and this easy to install combination of fan and air hose in particular makes these into universal air conveying devices for variable use for applications requiring pressure or extraction. In addition, you can use both conveying fans with the help of the optional 3 meter long dust bag for dust extraction.

This is how it works

Trotec’s tried and tested optimised industrial design convinces with numerous details: You can, for example, stack the conveying fans TTV 1500 and TTV 2500 one on top of the other. This not only permits flexible use, but is also space-saving during transport or storage of the fans. Another practical solution: To increase the airflow, simply install the TTV 1500 and/or the TTV 2500 as a connection between two hoses. Here are some technical details on the new axial fans:

TTV 1500 TTV 2500
Air volume max. 1.200 m³/h 2.600 m³/h
Air flow air discharge/air intake air discharge/air intake
Hose length max.: 15 m max.: 38 m
Air pressure max. 225 Pa 300 Pa

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • its development, design and manufacture are 100% Trotec
  • its double-sided hose connection nozzle on the discharge and suction side
  • its rugged polyethylene housing
  • its space-saving stackability for storage and transport

Conveying fans TTV 1500 and TTV 2500 – ‘Set up, turn on, done!’

Extremely efficient when discharging and venting air and at an affordable purchase price: Take advantage of our current offer today and order the

including VAT. – now available in the Trotec shop!

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