NEW TTK 26 E comfort dehumidifier – fresh, streamlined design!

The TTK 26 E comfort dehumidifier provides a real all-round solution. It combines the use of solid technology with excellent performance and a fresh design. Furthermore, it has a low-maintenance construction and is extremely easy to use, making this simple compact device a shining star in its performance class. And if you need another good reason to order as soon as possible, here are a few…

The lack of edges and corners gives the appealing design of the TTK 26 E extra freshness and allows it to blend seamlessly into almost any style of room. The device ensures dry conditions at all times, and with a humidification performance of up to 10 litres a day, it is suitable for rooms with an area of up to 15 m² or a volume of up to 37 m³. And, best of all, this convenient drying solution is pleasantly easy to use: simply plug it in, turn it on and you are ready to go – the effective TTK 26 E starts working immediately.

How it works

The TTK 26 E dehumidifier’s convenient equipment features allow you to leave the device unattended while it gets to work: such features include the automatic electronic defrosting system, the filling level warning light for when the water tank is full, as well as the overfill protection function with automatic shut-down. The automatic circulated air defrosting system also allows you to use the device from room temperatures as low as 5°C.

Even in spaces where it is not possible to manually empty the water tank on a regular basis, such as in heated basement rooms or holiday homes, you can still use the TTK 26 E. This is because it is also fitted with a separate integrated connection which can be used to practically channel the condensate via a hose directly into a drain. The comfort dehumidifier’s features are completed by a washable air filter and a practical carrying handle for safe and easy change of location.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the easily accessible, easy-to-clean air filter
  • the filling level warning light for when the water tank is full
  • overfill protection with an automatic shut-down function
  • automatic circulated air defrosting system

TTK 26 E comfort dehumidifier – an all-round effective and affordable solution!

Order the TTK 26 E comfort dehumidifier today at our current offer price of just £83.44 incl. VAT, reduced from £176.20 – now in the Trotec shop!

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