NEW PAC 2610 X local air conditioner – cooling and stylish tempering

No matter how hot the approaching summer will be: The new PAC 2610 X air conditioner provides stylish refreshment purely from a visual point of view thanks to its very cool design in Chocolate Brown and Silver. Just by pressing a button the 2-in-1 air conditioner creates a pleasantly cool indoor temperature very quickly with its 2.6 kW cooling capacity. And because it’s a Trotec product, it is also very energy-efficient and cost-efficient – with TÜV certified quality, too, of course.

Together with the temperature, the PAC 2610 X air conditioner also lowers costs, since it meets all the requirements of energy efficiency class A. With its previously mentioned strong 2.6 kW cooling capacity, the device is excellently suited to living, business and office spaces of up to 85 m³. You can variably adjust the target temperature of the PAC 2610 X between 18 and 32 °C – the automatic operation, which provides a constantly pleasant, cool room temperature, takes care of everything else.

How it works

In addition to energy efficiency class A, the PAC 2610 X air conditioner offers further energy saving functions that are also easy on the wallet. For example, the device has a two-stage ventilation mode with a freely adjustable blow-out direction of the fan. When necessary, this ventilator also creates a pleasant breeze and soothing freshness on the skin without even activating the cooling compressor. This reduces the energy costs even further. And with the equally comfortable and energy-saving timer function of the PAC 2610 X you can program the activation and deactivation time individually and flexibly – whatever the daily rhythm and operation site calls for. This function also saves you a lot of money!

With its super-silent night mode, the air conditioner helps you get restful sleep and the temperature can be adjusted variably. You can therefore save energy costs even when in bed. Furthermore, you can carry out all settings such as operating mode, timer function, ventilation strength and target temperature either via the comfort control panel on the device or via the infrared remote control provided.

In order to make the indoor climate perfect, the integrated active carbon filter filters dust, animal hair and irritants from the air. Of course, all filters can be easily removed and cleaned. The condensation created by the humidification and air conditioning is collected in the integrated collecting tank to which a permanent condensation drain can optionally be connected at the back. The compact dimensions and low-friction rollers makes it easy to transport the air conditioner, and practical detail solutions such as the cable rewind make it easy to use and store away.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the energy efficiency class A
  • the 2.6 kW cooling capacity
  • the two operating modes: cooling and ventilation
  • the two ventilation levels

PAC 2610 X air conditioner – Efficient. Intelligent. Convenient. And very, very affordable!

Place an order today for the new PAC 2610 X local air conditioner at our current offer of just £232.66 including VAT instead of £400.21 – now in the Trotec shop!

It will be available for delivery from calendar week 21!

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