NEW TTK 24 E Dehumidifier

TTK 24 E

This dehumidifier is a real pro and because it has no corners or sharp edges, it is completely adaptable. Due to its compact size it will fit just about anywhere, but thanks to its first-class design, it also doesn’t need to hide. Smaller rooms up to around 15 square metres are the perfect challenge: here it helps itself to a dehumidification capacity of up 10 litres in 24 hours. The best bit – it can be operated reliably with just one button.

This is how it works

Brilliantly uncomplicated and really easy. Plug the dehumidifier in, turn it on, done! And alongside the truly impressive daily dehumidification performance, the TKK 24 E also includes some additional convenient features. The device can be left to work without supervision because it is equipped with an electronic automatic defrosting system, a filling level warning light for when the water container is full and an overfill protection function with automatic shut-down.

The TKK 25 E is also fitted with an integrated hose connection which can be used to channel the condensate directly into a drain. The device can therefore also be used in places where regularly emptying the water container is not always possible. For example for non-stop operation in heated hobby or cellar rooms.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • filling level warning light when the water tank is full
  • overflow protection with automatic switch off
  • separate hose connection for external condensate discharge
  • the easy to clean and easily accessible air filter

The TTK 24 E –  welcome at any job!

Why not order your new professional dehumidifier today,  the TTK 24 E Dehumidifier for only 104,95 € instead of €165.41 incl. VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!

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