NEW Thermohygrometer in the new Trotec design


The global climate summits still leave us waiting for progress. Unlike our climate measuring devices – which are 100% Trotec: from the in-house development and manufacture to the innovative design, which has recently made our BC06 and BC21 shine. With both devices you can carry out climate checks optimally, at home, in the office or in the warehouse – as preparation for your personal climate summit!

In terms of the design, Trotec opted for a visually attractive shape that is also comfortable to hold. Sitting comfortably in the hand, the design ensures the best-possible operator comfort in both devices. Equipped with unmistakable features from Trotec, with each measurement they don’t just cut a fine figure technically. Simply the best German industry design, optimised for practical use – and on top of that, a trademarked registered design!

The inner qualities also impress

Because of the practical combination of precise measuring technology and uncomplicated one-hand operation, this thermohygrometer is an indispensable aid in laboratories, agricultural enterprises and in floristry. Within seconds you can obtain exact measurement values of the temperature and relative air humidity in living spaces, offices and storage rooms. Thanks to the minimum/maximum function, you can also display the minimum and maximum values of the current measurement – ideal for easily determining differences in climate in different areas of a room. And of course, you can also use this device effectively in twilight because the LCD display is automatically illuminated.

Are the climate conditions really optimal? Is there a risk of rust or mould due to increased air humidity? The precise BC21 measuring device can answer these questions and more thanks to its impressive combination of high-quality sensor technology and numerous measuring functions. For this reason, the thermohygrometer is your reliable professional partner for practical usage and is perfectly suited as a diagnostic tool. For example, with the integrated dew point temperature and wet bulb temperature measuring functions, the device reveals all the answers relating to the air-conditioning of buildings as well as the planning, surveying and performance monitoring of air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Of course, this device is also fitted with automatic display illumination.

How stylish! More design for a low price!

Get your personal climate conference up and running! Order the thermohygrometer for an introductory price: the BC06 for € 34.95 instead of € 44.95 incl. VAT and the BC21 for only € 54.95 reduced from € 76.95 incl. VAT. – available now in our Trotec shop!

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