NEW TFV Pro 1 radial fan – extremely high-pressure high-performance fan


This is the smallest, lightest and simultaneously highest pressure high-performance fan in the world: the multifunctional TFV Pro 1 quality radial fan – universally applicable, from ventilation of hollow spaces to acceleration of drying. Extremely high pressure and flexibly applicable, extraordinarily robust in processing, while being light and easily portable and stackable. A true professional device with which you can benefit fully from the innovative engineering skill of the Trotec ventilation specialists.

The TFV Pro 1, with its extremely high-pressure fan, guarantees that plenty of fresh air comes through the end of even long fan hose connections. Because with an unrivalled 1,050 Pa, the TFV Pro 1 is the most high-pressure radial fan in its class. No other fan delivers as much pressure – or as much air! To be able to produce our new radial fan at the highest level of quality, only the best components were integrated and everything is enclosed in a powder-coated aluminium housing – as robust as it is light.

This is how it works

A special advantage of the TFV Pro 1 is the integrated Monoventic control, which allows continuously variable setting of the air quantity, thereby enabling optimal adjustment for any requirement. In the standard setting, you generate a wide stream of air close to the floor with optimal air distribution: this makes it ideal for drying wet flooring or damp screed more quickly. The rubber bumpers on the floor and transverse sides enable the unit to be set for vertical as well as horizontal use, with an air flow outlet on the side or towards the ceiling.

In combination with three standard connections for 100-mm fan hoses, the fresh air can be distributed variably to different room zones, hollow spaces or shafts. In addition, two optional adapter plates expand the hose connection possibilities to eight 50-mm hoses each or even 12 hoses with a 38-mm diameter. In addition to cable reels, control panel protection, carrying handle and washable air filter, the TFV Pro 1 also includes, as standard, a binary counter for operating hours and energy consumption.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • professional quality “made in Germany” – original Trotec product
  • the extremely high-pressure radial fan with max. 1,050 Pa – optimal for ventilation even over long hose distances
  • the continuously adjustable air quantity up to max. 1,250 m³/h
  • the portable and stackable construction

TFV Pro 1 radial fan – because professionals value the professional quality of Trotec

Order the TFV Pro 1 radial fan today for just £593.81 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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