New Trotec design for BM31 Moisture Meter

moisture indicator

Soaking wet? Still damp? Dry now? When the moisture in building materials or wood needs to be checked, our new moisture indicator can readily reveal its strengths. With building work, this applies to checking whether walls have dried out after plastering and identifying damp patches when renovating old properties.

It also applies to its new design …

With the BM31‘s new, ergonomic design, it is now even easier to quickly locate near-surface moisture. From the very beginning, one of the aims of the new design was to make it both visually appealing and pleasant to the touch, so this measuring device sits well in the hand and is extremely convenient to use. The impressive result is 100 % Trotec – from development, through design to manufacture!

This is how it works

The BM31‘s main benefit is its non-destructive dielectric measurement method which the device uses to measure the moisture in the material being checked to a penetration depth of 5 to 40 millimetres. This can be fully achieved by simply placing the indicator alongside, in other words, no electrodes or probes have to be inserted into the material to be measured. The values in the measurement range are displayed digitally, from 0 to 100, on the highly legible back-lit display. The user can just push a button to view other information in addition to the current real-time measured value, such as minimum and maximum values. And what if – drat! – you are in the middle of measuring and you have forgotten to bring a pen and paper to note down the results? No matter, you can use the hold function to “freeze” the current measurement value – look, it works!

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • The development and design and manufacture are 100% Trotec
  • non-destructive indication of moisture distributions
  • minimum and maximum values, and hold function
  • the illuminated display

Take advantage of the attractive launch discount now

As the name suggests, this bargain is only available for a limited period. So order the new BM31 Moisture Mndicator today for the introductory price of just £ 62.42 incl. VAT, reduced from  £ 79.08   – available now in the Trotec shop!

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