IDE 20 D Oil Heater – back in stock!

IDE 20 D oil heater

Having sold out swiftly due to huge demand, now available for delivery again before the new year – the IDE 20 D Oil Heater. Compact, handy and mobile as ever, this little oil heater brings a rich warmth to frosty building sites or ice-cold storage areas and large spaces.

This is how it works

It would be difficult to provide more cost-effective heat and, thanks to our innovative technology, hard to beat its reliability too. The unit consumes just 1.2 litres of oil per hour for a heat output of 20 kW. Fuel is supplied via a compressor, and the remaining available amount can be easily read from the tank level indicator. The temperature setting is controlled by the built-in thermostat.

An external thermostat can also be attached – with an optional 25 metre lead cable also available – if the oil heater fan will not be set up next to or near the area to be heated. The oil heater is also perfectly suitable for use outdoors – with its durable housing made from double-coated material, and including a cable reel and fuel tank, it will overcome even bitter weather conditions.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • particularly economical solution for standard oil heating
  • integrated fuel tank with tank level indicator
  • electronic flame safeguard
  • protection against overheating

Put an affordable end to freezing this new year!

Order the IDE 20 D Oil Heater today for the introductory price of only £ 166.53 incl. VAT instead of £ 292.37 – available now in the Trotec shop!

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