New: TIH 350+ / TIH 650+ infrared heating panels – ideal for drying out walls in new buildings or following water damage

The TIH 350+/TIH 650+ infrared heating panels offer the best conditions for effective drying. This is because an innovative mix of materials guarantees an absolutely uniform radiant heat output and thus heat distribution over the entire surface of the heating panel. What’s more, the TIH heating panels are additionally insulated at the rear – ensuring optimum object-oriented radiation output and maximum energy efficiency.

The TIH 650+ heating plate has a genuine heat output of 650 watts. The TIH 350+, which is only half as high, impresses with a genuine heat output of 350 watts. Due to the more compact heating surface, its energy consumption is also reduced in comparison, which, incidentally, can be determined for both heating plates using the integrated MID-compliant consumption counter. In contrast to conventional infrared heating plates, which often only achieve inhomogeneous heat propagation, both TIH heating plates are ideal for a professional surface drying of walls in new buildings or following water damage. Solid masonry in particular can be dried more quickly than with traditional dehumidification.

How it works

Thermographic studies document that conventional infrared heating plates often only achieve inhomogeneous heat distributions that do not allow uniform surface drying. In contrast, the professional TIH heating plates are characterised by constant temperature values and a very uniform radiant output over the entire surface. At the same time, the heating output and wall distance of the TIH were dimensioned in such a way that no material heating can take place in structure destabilizing temperature ranges, even with gypsum building materials. Since both TIH heating plates are noiseless and do not consume oxygen, they can also be easily used in a residential environment.

TIH 350+ and TIH 650+ are delivered with identical feet, which allows you to set up both heating plates using the same accessories. In addition, the feet are now even more compact despite the unchanged stand dimensions, and can be mounted to the heating plate without tools. Instead of the previous screw connection, a spring bolt is now permanently integrated into the base that snaps securely into place during installation and ensures a form-fitting connection with the heating plate. Pull, remove, pull, attach – done! In order to save space during transport, the feet can be inserted into a take-up device on the plate.

And even when you are looking for the optimal positioning, the feet are on your side because they are designed in such a way that when the feet touch the wall they automatically ensure an ideal distance and optimum efficiency.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • professional “made in Germany” quality – original Trotec production
  • the top-quality infrared surface heater with genuine 350 to 650 Watt heat output
  • the innovative materials allow for an even heat distribution
  • the insulation on the reverse side ensures both optimum energy efficiency and optimal object-oriented radiation output

TIH 350+ / TIH 650+ infrared heating panels – affordable professional brand quality from Trotec!

Order the TIH surface heater of your choice today and take advantage of our current offer price:

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