TVM 17 floor fan – just in time for spring finally available for delivery

For those who are already almost done with the spring clean, the best part of the job awaits: With a quick flick of the wrist, old reliable items can look new again simply by moving around a chest of drawers or a table lamp. And you can give things a breathe new life into a room with one or two brand new accessories: Our best recommendation for this is the TVM 17 floor fan, which is finally available for delivery  – the large cooling device looks good and lives up to its visual promise: Pure refreshment!

The floor fan comes in either gleaming chrome, with the TVM 17, or with a distinguished copper look, as with the TVM 18. There are no other differences between the two models in terms of either the technology or the function. The TVM floor fan always makes a good impression, no matter which model you decide on: Whether in living rooms or offices, at parties or concerts, or, thanks to its practical wall and ceiling suspension bracket, even in restaurants.

The benefits at a glance – the floor fan TVM 17:

  • Has 100 watts and three speed settings at its disposal from the relevant power reserves in order to effortlessly blow away escalating temperatures. From a soft breeze to a strong wind through to something almost resembling a gale – the TVM 17 provides the desired wind strength.
  • Aside from the cooling breeze, the fan provides a sufficient amount of fresh air when ventilating and even carries out the demanding drying tasks extremely reliably during continuous operation.
  • With its high air flow rate and large blade diameter of 18 inches (just under 45 centimetres), it blows even the hottest, stuffiest air out the window of your living or working area.
  • As a retro classic, everything, including the chrome or copper-plated blade tips, is made out of robust metal and it’s even specially equipped with a copper coil in the motor.
  • Has a rotor cage which can be tilted up to 110° on its horizontal axis, allowing the air flow to always be directed to precisely where it’s desired. The air flow strength is controlled simply by using the control panel on the back of the cage.
  • It requires little space and can easily withstand knocks: Three anti-slip fixed rubber feet on the underside of the support stand ensure that the device stays stable. The carrying handle on the rear side makes transporting the fan to and from various locations especially simple.

Floor fan TVM 17  – TÜV-tested brand quality from Trotec!

Order today at our current offer price

  • the floor fan TVM 17 reduced from £63.26 to just £31.61,

incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec shop!

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