NEW TVE 16 table fan – provides stable cooling!


Our new table fan is a hot deal for hot days. With continuously variable height adjustment, it helps you keep a cool head at home or at the office. Because it is supported by its own base, it doesn’t require space on your desk or storage shelves. And with our early booking discount, the fan is a top-class bargain. Order the TVE 16 by the delivery in CW 30 and save over 30%!

The new TVE 16 table fan pushes through the heat even in larger rooms, as it generates a proper wind with its 50 watts of power. With the switchable automatic 90° oscillation – the air flow thereby automatically flows horizontally from left to right – the active area of the fan is increased and the air flow widely distributed in the room. In addition, the fan head is vertically adjustable to a 30° inclination angle. This makes it easy for you to have your nose in the wind at all times!

This is how it works

The continuously variable height adjustment from 110 to 129 cm as well as the three speed levels make the TVE 16 table fan a superior and cool all-rounder: The device thereby ensures the right cool response to nearly any temperature escalation. For example, with speed level 3, the air that has been heating up throughout the day can be quickly blown out of your home. Simply open the window and expel the hot air in no time with maximum power. The energy consumption of the TVE 16 is thereby delightfully low and in comparison to, for example, mobile air conditioning units, unbeatably cheap.
The TVE 16 impresses on all speed levels with its ultra quiet operating noise level. The reason for this is its perfectly calibrated fan blades, which, in combination with its stable, star-shaped base, ensure optimal running smoothness – the unit can therefore also be used at night to cool noise-sensitive bedrooms. The high-quality manufacture of the table fan ensures safe operation in general: A removable and easy-to-clean metal protective grille offers front and rear protection from the fan blades, and an overheating protection guarantees safe operation even on the hottest days.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the 50 watt power
  • the low purchase and operating costs
  • the 3 speed levels
  • the automatic 90° oscillation that can be switched off

TVE 16 table fan – provides the necessary coolness right from the start

Enjoy the benefits of our current early booking discount up until the delivery in CW 30: order the TVE 16 table fan today, reduced from £26.36 to just £16.73 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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