NEW IDE 100 D oil heater fan – finally in stock!

Even if the winter continues to bring lots of cold weather, ice and snow, you and your staff will always have warm feet on a construction site  or  in a warehouse with the new and now available IDE 100 D oil heater fan. The 100 kW maximum direct heating power of this professional budget solution – converted into 100% efficiency. With this excellent heating capacity, the effective heater also safely protects livestock from the cold and keeps working materials free from ice.

Now there is an end to freezing on construction sites or in large halls: The IDE 100 D reliably brings heat into the home – to do this you can easily set the desired temperature via the integrated thermostat including digital dual display for target and actual values. If you want to set up the oil heater fan at a certain distance from the area to be heated, the device offers you the option of connecting an external thermostat – what’s more, it is optionally available with a 25-metre connection cable.

Best of all: The built-in oil burner of the IDE 100 D can be flexibly fuelled with diesel or heating oil. In the process, the constant fuel supply to the stainless steel combustion chamber is controlled via a high-quality Danfoss® injection pump. Of course, thanks to an electronic flame safeguard and integrated overheating protection, the reliable and safe operation of the professional oil heater is guaranteed at all times when it comes to our latest budget solution.

How it works

The practical design of the IDE 100 D oil heater fan is evident in every detail: This includes, for example, the easily accessible, external fuel filter as well as the possibility of comfortably reading the available fuel level on the level indicator integrated in the tank. The oil heater fan is also ideally equipped for professional outdoor heating applications: Its smooth-running carriage design with cable holders and installed fuel tank as well as the durable housing made of double-coated material make it as mobile as it is weatherproof.

The tank capacity is designed in such a way that the IDE 100 D can be used without problems for an entire working day without needing to be refuelled. Alternatively, if you want constant heating over a longer period than this, you can also connect the device to an external oil tank via an optionally available adapter set.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • particularly economical solution for standard oil heating
  • integrated fuel tank with tank level indicator
  • electronic flame safeguard
  • overheating protection function

IDE 100 D oil heater fan – maximum direct heating power not only for construction sites.

Order the IDE 100 D oil heater fan today at our current offer price of just £1,023.84 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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