NEW Aircooler PAE 51 – natural evaporation cooling for hot summer days!

Most people like it when it’s hot – but many find it difficult to cope when the temperature rises above 25 degrees. Few are willing to invest in an air conditioning unit as a cooling solution, however. In addition to the high cost, the use of artificial coolants as well as potentially bothersome exhaust hoses play a part in this. So why the new Aircooler PAE 51? It pleasantly cools down rooms immediately at the press of a button and works using natural evaporation cooling. What’s more, the device doesn’t have a hose and is a real bargain …

When it’s hot, our physical and mental capacity declines throughout the day and robs us of much-needed sleep at night. The new Aircooler PAE 51 is now here to stop this: The device pleasantly cools down hot office and living spaces immediately and turns them into well-tempered climate oases. With an evaporation capacity of 2 litres/h and an air capacity of 661 m³/h, the Aircooler is recommended for use in rooms of up to 150 m³. And, best of all, Its very straightforward operation requires no artificial coolants, elaborate installation and bothersome exhaust hoses. And, furthermore, smart spenders appreciate the low energy consumption of just 110 Watts and the very low operating costs that go with it.

The Aircooler combines further advantages as a 4-in-1 device: The PAE 51 doesn’t just cool, but ventilates, refreshes and even humidifies the air. Thanks to its integrated air filter, the device can be used as an air freshener and an air humidifier all year round. Particularly in the cold winter months, this can prevent colds that are encouraged by excessively dry air in heated rooms and dried up mucous membranes.

How it works

Aircoolers like the PAE 51 from Trotec stand for a healthy room climate without side effects. This is because, contrary to an air conditioning unit, it does not lower the temperature of the room air using coolants, but instead uses natural evaporation cooling, so-called honeycomb technology. For this cooling, the device only needs fresh tap water, which is poured into the 20-litre water tank. The integrated evaporation filter with honeycomb structure humidifies the absorbed air and blows it back out as cold air via the ventilator. This cool air current provides refreshing and immediately noticeable cooling, although the cooling capacity can be strengthened even further on extremely hot days by using the cooling battery provided or by adding ice cubes.

It is always entirely up to you how intensively and purposefully you want to spread the cool air around the room. For this purpose, the Aircooler has 4 ventilation levels, manually adjustable ventilation flaps and an optionally connectible swing function to spread the cold air around the room automatically. And at the press of a button, the natural wind mode adds an extra little kick of freshness. The rising and falling ventilation intensity feels like a natural breeze and is just as refreshing.

The super-silent night mode and the timer function that automatically switches off the Aircooler after a freely selectable period of time ensure a restful sleep. All settings are made either via the LED-illuminated control panel on the device or via the infrared remote control provided. Its light construction and transport rollers make the PAE 51 an all-round flexible Aircooler for use both indoors and out, such as on the balcony or patio.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the 4-in-1 Aircooler with air cooling, ventilation, air freshening and air humidification
  • the efficient evaporation cooling with honeycomb technology
  • the increase in cooling capacity using the cooling battery provided or ice cubes
  • the natural wind mode

Aircooler PAE 51 – cools naturally, no hose, affordable!

Order the new Aircooler PAE 51 today at our current offer price, reduced from £186.12 to just £139.58 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

It will be available for delivery from calendar week 22!

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