NEW multi-function tools in the PMTS series – smart power tools from Trotec


Milling, sawing, cutting, rasping and sanding – multi-function devices are practically the electric Swiss Army knife for the do-it-yourselfers. Whereas, until now, you could only choose between good and expensive or as-long-as-it-is-cheap, you can now choose smart: With the wireless PMTS 10-12V and the cable device PMTS 10-230V, you receive a good product and good design for a great price thanks to our pre-order discount – as long as you order for delivery in CW 43!

The PMTS 10-12V cordless multi-function tool – the flexible all-rounder.

With this wireless multi-function tool, you can go full steam ahead in any location – due to the cordless operation, work in hard-to-reach places is also made effortless. Thanks to the integrated LED lights, you will have a clear, well-lit view of your workbench where there is a lack of space for a work light. The high-performance motor of the PMTS 10-12V starts completely jerk-free thanks to the integrated smooth-start. Its performance power is stored in a 12V exchangeable battery which has neither memory effect nor self-drain thanks to the lithium-ion technology. A three-stage light display on the device informs you of the current charging capacity. The battery can be fully loaded within an hour using the quick-charging device provided.

The PMTS 10-230V multi-function tool – the high-performance multi-talent.

Plug in and go – with this power pack you can start your project straight away since you need not worry about the service life of the multi-function tool with its battery capacity. As such, the PMTS 10-230V is especially suited to lengthy renovation works. What’s more, thanks to its alternating current, various materials such as wood, metal, plastic or ceramics can all be processed effortlessly with rapid working progress. The standard smooth-start of the PMTS 10-230V thereby ensures a jerk-free start of its high-performance 300 W motor. Once turned on, it oscillates permanently and reliably up to 21,000 times a minute – continuously adjustable at any time for optimal tuning to each material and its corresponding application.

This is how it works

With the multi-function tools in the PMTS series, you are best-equipped for different projects: Whether sawing laminate, milling out tile grout, removing mortar residues or sanding different surfaces – the devices are essential aids even for the biggest jobs at home.

Particular value was placed on the ergonomic shaping in the design of both multi-function tools. The user-friendly tools are therefore so comfortable in the hand that you will be able to concentrate and work without tiring even on longer jobs. A central soft-grip inlay offers optimal grip and the intelligent arrangement of the switch allows for flexible one-handed operation with continuous adjustment of the oscillation rate. The large oscillation angle, at 3.2 degrees, ensures precise work even on corners and edges.

The attachment can be changed quickly and comfortably via the rapid clamping system. Simply pull the clamping lever, change the attachment without extra tools and position in one of 12 possible working directions. The precisely manufactured holder guarantees form fit with every selected tool on the one hand, and on the other, a tool which is compatible with all attachments according to OIS standard. This gives you maximum flexibility in tool selection.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like about the PMTS series are:

  • the professional oscillation technology for sanding, scraping and sawing,
  • the continuous oscillation rate pre-selection with soft-start,
  • the rapid clamping system for tool-free accessory change in a matter of seconds,
  • the variable and detachable tools in 12 different working positions

The multi-function tools in the PMTS series have everything – inside and out

Instead of a delta sander, wood and metal saw, angle grinder, plunge saw or scraping knife, with the multi-function tool in the PMTS series you only need one tool for virtually all jobs. Trotec will supply the complete equipment with both devices, with extensive accessories in a practical transport case, including the quick-charge device:

  • 1 x delta sanding plate
  • 12 sheets of Velcro sanding triangles for wood
  • 6 x Velcro sanding triangles for metal
  • 1 scraping knife (HCS) SC 80/30 for removing tile cement, silicone, mortar and paint residues
  • 1 x segment saw blade (HSS) SM 85/20 for wood and metal
  • 1 x plunge saw blade (BIM) CS 75/25 for wood, plastic, GFK, light metal and non-ferrous metal
  • 1 x plunge saw blade (HCS) CS 95/40 for wood, plasterboard and soft plastics
  • Moreover, you will receive an additional anti-vibration handle. This additional handle, which can be screwed on both sides, helps reduce vibrations and allows more secure and precise control of the tool.
  • A handy vacuum is also supplied free-of-charge. Simply secure the vacuum and dust from sanding for example are old news.

TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency)-tested quality

With the PMTS series multi-function tools you are in safe hands as both multi-function tools are TÜV-tested quality, guaranteeing high worth, security and functionality

The PMTS series multi-function tools – no tool is as good quality or value!

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