NEW conveying fan TTV 1500 – back in stock!


The dust had barely settled before it was gone – the new axial fan TTV 1500 sold out in no time! The fresh-faced professional convinced even seasoned professionals from the get-go. Whether through its effective provision of fresh air supply in poorly ventilated rooms, or strong air pressure ventilation for channel construction or welding works: the TTV 1500 handles every job reliably. Now the conveying fan is back in stock – waiting for your order.

Set them up, switch them on, done. The axial fan convinces as a plug-in solution along with its functionality through a large variety of details. The device scores points in all areas where lots of air must be circulated quickly and simply in moderate conditions. It also has a maximum air volume capacity of 1,050 m3/h and air pressure of up to 225 Pa, thereby enabling greater performance compared to similar competitor models. What other details does our conveying fan possess? The TTV 1500 …

  • is 100% Trotec in its development, design and manufacture. Our axial fan, too, embodies the tried and tested German industrial design from Trotec. Since the components and accessories come from a single source and, in typical Trotec solution fashion, are highly functional and convincing in every respect, they are technically superior, visually appealing and of outstanding quality. It is with good reason, therefore, that the device carries the registered trademark credential.
  • has double-sided hose connection nozzles for attaching air transport hoses.
    By combining a fan with an air hose, the device serves as a universal air conveying system which can be used flexibly for tasks where pressure or extraction is required – making it ideally-suited to creating a fresh air supply such as during air extraction. To increase the airflow, simply fit the TTV 1500 as a connection between the two hoses with a maximum hose length of 15 metres. What’s more, the conveying fan can be used for dust extraction using the 3 metre long dust bag which is available separately.
  • is fitted with robust polyethylene housing. The device can also withstand rough handling as polyethylene is the ideal material for enclosing the TTV 1500 given its proven and versatile thermoplastic qualities. Among other things, it is resistant to water, shocks and blows as well as physiologically harmless and virtually odourless.
  • ensures space-saving stacking during storage and transport. The TTV 1500 conveying fan can be stacked making it suitable for a wide range of tasks and, at the same time, compact and easy to transport and store.

Conveying fan TTV 1500 – the tried and tested Trotec solution for professionals

Order the conveyor fan TTV 1500 today for £141.56 incl. VATinstead of £219.07 – now in the Trotec shop!

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