New TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier with air purifier – back in stock!


Sold out for a short time, now back in stock: The new TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier with air purifier fulfils our customers’ wishes to a T. Damp and wet rooms often cause two problems: excess humidity and unhealthy breathable air. Thanks to the successful combination of dehumidification plus purification, the TTK 110 HEPA also removes harmful micro particles from the now drier ambient air, leading to noticeably better breathable air.

Clean air is not just a relief for people with allergies, but for everyone – especially children. Just take a look for yourselves at how good our modern-design new combination device also works for you. The TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier …

  • is a winning dehumidifier in large living spaces and offices. Rooms of up to 120 m2 can be reliably dried out with a daily dehumidification performance of 40 litres a day with the dehumidifier. The TTK 110 HEPA is always as powerful as the intended purpose requires – with three different dehumidification programmes, you can react to each and every humidity scenario:
    1. Automatic dehumidification: Optimally suited for continuous use in the kitchen or bathroom. The desired humidity can be adjusted in 5 % intervals between 40 and 70%. When the target value is reached, the dehumidifier shuts off automatically.
    2. Powerful dehumidification: The maximum dehumidification performance for interruption-free continuous operation creates a constant low humidity. The perfect drying solution for water damage, renovation works and construction drying.
    3. Laundry drying function: Supports you effectively in quickly drying wet fabrics such as rugs or clothes.
  • as a convenience dehumidifier, it has the relevant features for day-to-day optimisation. The device works, for example, very quietly in dehumidification mode. Thanks to intelligent timer and automatic shut-down functions, the device also saves unnecessary energy costs. An overflow protection uses a warning LED to signal when the maximum capacity of the 6-litre water container has been reached.
  • is a winner with its second function as a fully-fledged air purifier. Thanks to its integrated HEPA suspended matter filter, it absorbs the smallest micro particles up to 0.02 micrometers, with 99.97 % efficiency – for example continuously-released ultra-fine particles and micro-organisms such as fungal spores, dust mite residue, bacteria and even viruses in ambient air.
  • frees your ambient air from unhealthy viruses, bacteria and pollutants within 8 hours. As an optional accessory, you will receive an activated carbon filter which primarily helps clear allergens such as pollen or unpleasant smells.

Combination device TTK 110 HEPA – leaves you breathing noticeably better ambient air!

If you have been won over by the advantages of the combination device, get it now:
Order the TTK 110 HEPA dehumidifier with air purifier today at our current sale price, for just £379.43 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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