NEW IRD series dark radiant heater – finally available

When you soon no longer see the brightly shining IR heaters on patios and balconies, but your neighbours still continue to sit together outside despite the presumably cold weather, then you know that the new and finally available IRD series dark radiant heaters have found their way into your neighbourhood. Because dark heaters generate infrared heat, dispensing with the otherwise visible heating tube, and are thus both a perfect and elegant solution for architecturally demanding indoor and outdoor areas.

IRD series dark radiant heaters are ideally used in places where the heat they supply is needed and where an additional light would only be a nuisance – because it contrasts an existing lighting concept, for example. They are thus excellently suited to use in both gastronomy and in the demanding private environment – and are also ideal for wind-protected areas such as patios, balconies as well as for indoor swimming pools, tents, conservatories and rooms that are only partially used, for example.

How it works

Just like conventional IR heaters, dark heaters of the IRD series predominantly emit their energy in the medium and long-wave infrared spectrum, and thus produce precisely directed heat without heating up the ambient air. But dark radiant heaters produce direct and clean heat without any lighting effect because they use a covered stainless steel heating coil embedded in aluminium rather than a brightly shining heating tube.

Thanks to the impressive interconnection between innovative technology and an impressive design solution through the combination of a black surface with anodised aluminium, IRD series dark radiant heaters are excellently suited to any environment. The IRD series thus stands out with a heating capacities of 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3200 Watt for virtually any individual requirement, each device having 3 heating stages.

The series also scores points with comfortable equipment advantages of the extra class, such as a 24-hour timer and an LED display, the adjustable tilt angle with a large field of action, an infrared remote control and an operating indicator lamp. Every device is also delivered with a wall and ceiling mount. Incidentally, the design of all IRD series dark radiant heaters complies with the robust protection type IP55: neither water, damp or dust may/can enter the housing. The IRD heaters are also maintenance-free, since lamps do not need to be replaced.

Four of many advantages of the IRD series dark radiant heaters

  • an elegant, inconspicuous design makes a dark radiant heater almost invisible
  • thanks to the use of high-quality materials and an excellent finish, they are an attractive solution for architecturally demanding indoor areas and wind-protected outdoor areas
  • no distracting red light or distracting noises
  • universal fields of application – suitable for assembly outdoors, on patios, balconies and sheltered outdoor areas

IRD series dark radiant heaters – cosy warmth without light effects!

Order the IRD series dark radiant heater of your choice today at our current offer price. These are only valid until the weekend:

with up to 1,200 Watt in 3 heat stages,

with up to 1,800 Watt in 3 heat stages,

incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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