NEW TRH series oil-filled radiators – finally available

As of today at 15:21! The TRH E-series oil radiators, which have only just become available, are being ordered in advance at a breathtaking rate! A radiator with each ‘click’! Is it because they are suitable for additional heating on cold winter days or for temporary basic heating of garages or cellars thanks to their low initial price? Or because of their practical frost monitoring function? A ‘click’ here and another there – was that you? No?! Hmmm – as of 15:32 …

Due to the low purchase costs, the oil radiators are suitable for almost every private application. If, for example, the central heating fails from now on, a heater is immediately available and you don’t have to endure the cold. Best of all: The TRH series oil-filled radiators don’t cost much to maintain: Despite their strong heating power, their energy consumption is pleasantly low thanks to the thermostat-controlled automatic operation.

How it works

Within the TRH-E series, Trotec offers oil-filled radiators with various features. For example, the TRH 20 without and the TRH 22 E with a connectible turbo fan – including a PTC heating element for faster initial heating. It goes without saying that maximum safety is included with all TRH- series units: the radiators score points with their overheating and tip-over protection as well as their operating indicator light. And thanks to the convenient cable rewind with connector holder, tidiness is quickly restored. In addition, the integrated castors and a carrying handle ensure safe transport to exactly where the heat is needed, even when hot.

The ribs of the TRH-series oil-filled radiators make them look quite similar to a ‘normal’ heating system, yet unlike other systems, they use the electricity to heat their internal oil. The so-called thermal oil is heated by the current and transfers the heat to the room via the heating ribs. That’s why they are often referred to as ‘electric heaters’. As a result of the thermal oil’s high storage capacity, the heaters will continue to emit further heat for a long time after they have been switched off. By the way, oil radiators are usually equipped with heating ribs because they form a larger surface area, which makes the heating very effective.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • the 2000W heating output for quick and cosy warmth
  • the three heating stages of 800, 1200 and 2000 Watt
  • the effective 9-rib radiator design
  • the short warm-up time of just 10 minutes until the maximum heat output is reached

A practical advantage of the oil-filled radiator TRH 22 E – a connectible turbo-fan

The TRH 22 E has a connectible turbo-fan with a PTC heating element to speed up air circulation – ideal for quickly heating cool rooms or for ventilation purposes. In this way, the room is heated up quickly beforehand until the thermal oil in the radiator has reached its full heating output.

TRH series oil-filled radiators – cosy! Good value! I want that!

Better to get one now, than to freeze tomorrow! Take advantage of our current offer price today and order the

including VAT. – now in the Trotec shop!


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