Alaaf and Helau, as the locals say – the hot glue gun is now being whipped out for colourful costumes.

We’re going to party hard at Karneval! With magnificent fancy dress costumes, creepy masks and funny hats. With flamboyant decorations for procession and Festival Committee floats, colourful accessories for the party that follows, and all sorts of amusing bits and pieces for almost any false nose. And there is only one answer to the question “Who’s going to pay for that – who has that much dough?”: If you have the right tool to hand, it costs next to nothing to do it yourself.

In fact, all that’s needed for the best Karneval costume is colourful paper and cardboard, a few scraps of cloth, rhinestone, plumes and glitter, and of course a strong pair of scissors and a good hot glue gun, like the one from Trotec’s PGGS series. Decorated with a bit of imagination, an original disguise is made in an instant, topping any expensive costume bought in a shop by a long way. And the same principle applies to the decoration of the procession floats and the party decor: Make it yourself …

Which costume will it be this year?

  • Maybe a pineapple? Then slip on a yellow t-shirt, as well as yellow trousers or leggings, make an artificial palm out of green cardboard, stick this to a hairband with your hot glue gun and march out the door as a tropical fruit.
  • Or a mummy? Virtually everybody has an old white t-shirt – white leggings can be worn below and nettle cloth or gauze can be used as bandages. Fix it to the clothes with hot glue, then tie another gauze around your head and wrists, and off you go to join in the fun.
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s bird lady? To be more specific, Miss Melanie Daniels from the Hitchcock classic “The Birds”, attacked by murderous crows. You take an old dress, white gloves and a pair of black, artificial birds from the crafts store. It is best to fix the fake crows to your shoulder with the hot glue gun.
  • A cupcake, a ladybird, or a clown covered with strips of cloth? Simply flip through the relevant pages on the different internet portals, be inspired and get the finest handicraft tips for the most magnificent costumes – you’ll see there’s nothing you won’t find!

Available here – the PGGS hot glue guns

A hot glue gun you can work well and above all safely with is indispensable in making a costume and all kinds of decorations. Trotec offers you two brand products here from our PGGS series: the electric PGGS 10‑230 V, which can also be used for half an hour as a wireless hot glue gun. And the battery-powered hot glue gun PGGS 10‑3.7 V, which you can use both when in a rush and for a prolonged period.

Both of them are indispensable assistants at home and in the workshop even beyond the Karneval period, since they stick wood, plastic, textiles, cardboard, leather, cork, glass, metal, PVC, carpet, seals and ceramics firmly and durably. The immediate adhesion of the glue in just seconds eliminates long drying periods and also the tedious pressing on of the glued parts to keep them attached. Furthermore, the automatic adhesion ensures clean working and prevents annoying drips.

PGGS hot glue guns from Trotec – confirmed TÜV quality, signed and sealed

Order the PGGS hot glue gun of your choice today at our current offer prices:

including charging station and 10 colourless glue sticks

incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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