NEW high performance infrared radiant heaters – for clean and quiet warmth

Summer is now in extra time: with the new high-performance infrared radiant heaters from the IR S series, you can play a trick on the increasingly cool temperatures on your patio. Both radiant heaters are the ideal solution for providing chilly corners in cellars, workshops or restaurant terraces for example, with cosy warmth.

With their tremendous 2,500 Watt power, the IR 2500 S and IR 2550 S will bring soothing warmth to even the coldest corners, both indoors and outdoors. In the outdoor catering industry, you could significantly extend the period that outdoor tables and chairs are used and therefore benefit financially.  And of course, they are perfect for use on your home terrace – allowing you to stay outside even longer on mild summer evenings and during the seasonal transition period.

Infrared radiant heaters work based on the natural principle of the sun. The infrared radiant heaters don’t heat the air, instead they warm up solid bodies and objects. These then save the heat energy and re-emit it as secondary radiation. A comfortable feeling of warmth is noticeable on your skin as soon as you turn them on. And because the devices work without a fan, they provide odourless and silent heat and, above all, don’t blow any dust around. This makes the radiant heater great for allergy sufferers.

This is how it works

Both IR S series infrared radiant heaters can be used flexibly both indoors and outdoors and, thanks to the adjustable inclination angle of 90°, can be set to direct warmth precisely and effectively towards to the guest tables in a restaurant area, for example. Thanks to their length of 870 mm, they also have a large effective range. Thanks to their robust construction and well-made aluminium design, both the IR 2500 S and the IR 2550 S are suited for use in larger spaces, such as storage facilities, tents, market halls or street cafes.

Through the flexible attachment options, the infrared radiant heaters can also be used as free-standing models attached to a telescopic stand and, for greater flexibility, can also be used temporarily in uncovered areas. In addition, both infrared radiant heaters can also be attached to the wall or ceiling, and to put the device into operation, the connection cable is simply plugged into the closest socket.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • Infrared warmth without preheating
  • Even and targeted distribution of warmth
  • Clean, condensation-free, odourless and without any noise
  • Does not blow up dust, therefore suitable for allergy sufferers

Special comfort function with the IR 2500 S infrared radiant heater

With a convenient top-class function, the IR 2500 S infrared radiant heater impresses right from the start thanks to its infinitely variable thermostat. Once set to your individual feel-good temperature, the device reliably heats up to exactly the right point, then switches itself off and, when the temperature falls, switches itself on again in order to save energy. On top of that, the IR 2500 S can also be used in bathrooms because it is splash and spray waterproof in accordance with protection class IP34.

Special comfort function with the IR 2550 S infrared radiant heater

The IR remote control makes controlling the IR 2550 S infrared radiant heater a pleasure. Switch the heater on and off, choose from the three heat stages and set the 24-hour timer – you can do it all with just the touch of a button. Thanks to the IR remote control, the IR 2550 S is ideal for use in larger rooms, such as in party tents, outdoor cafés and markets, because with it the infrared radiant heater can easily be operated even when assembled on ceilings or hard-to-reach places.

Alongside “off”, the IR 2550 S has three heating stages with 850 W, 1,650 W and 2,500 W. Of course, all of these functions can also be controlled from the radiant heater’s control panel. A look at the integrated LED display shows which heating stage is currently selected and the operation control light signals the device’s general operational readiness.

The new IR S-infrared radiant heaters – cool warmth, now especially cheap!

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