NEW Energy cost meter BX09 – now available!


It’s finally here! Your new energy cost meter is already packaged and on the way to your home! And “Nooo!” – “Yes!” – “Ohhh!,” are the kind of comments à la Peter Sellers that you will  probably soon be making more often as soon as you have uncovered your first energy wasters. What? You don’t know what we’re talking about? What? You haven’t ordered anything? Well, don’t you want to know which of your household appliances is the biggest power guzzler?

Thanks to our new energy cost meter BX09, you can reliably identify the or culprit(s). Whether it’s the technology in your study, where your PC, notebook, wireless routers, and printers may be consuming more power than you’d like, or whether your media center with its TV, sound bar and stereo system in your living room is your biggest electricity cost driver: the new energy cost meter BX09 will help you save electricity because it uncovers those expensive energy wasters.

This is how it works

After you have simply connected it between the socket and the electricity consumer you want to test, the energy cost meter immediately displays the current level of energy consumption. The BX09 immediately answers your question regarding which electrical appliance in your office or household costs how much energy – the result is either displayed as actual power in watts, kWh, price or cost per kWh. With a minimum current indicator of 0.1 W, the meter reveals even the smallest amount of wasted energy, for example the hidden energy consumer left on standby.

Four of the many advantages I find to be particularly good:

•    how quick and easy it is to measure the energy demand
•    the power consumption display in watts, kWh, price or cost per kWh
•    the great value for money
•    the minimum current indicator of 0.1 W

Energy cost meter BX09 – the affordable way to save electricity costs!

It already pays itself off for you and your wallet in the near future: Order your energy cost meter BX09 today! Instead of £12.20, at the special low price  of only £8.12 incl. VAT. – available now in the Trotec shop!

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