NEW current clamp BE38 – finally available!


The time has come: our new current clamp BE38 is available for delivery today. Especially electricians have appreciated our offer and have been busy ordering the device. What is more, the BE38 makes the job of in-house technicians and even the ambitious do-it-yourselfer so much easier: It can be used to even measure alternating current without breaking the circuit.

Normally, the electric circuit shut off and disconnectedfor a direct AC measurement. Only afterwards can the ammeter be safely switched in the electric lead. This kind of time-consuming process is often not necessary when measuring with the BE38 current clamp because it measures contactless using the induction principle. Since the circuit does not have to be interrupted, the load current, AC voltage or continuity of circuits, fuses and contacts can be checked.

This is how it works

The BE38 is an ideal measuring device for almost all inspection and maintenance work on electrical installations where the network may not be switched off such as in office buildings with computers or restaurants with cold-storage rooms. The compact design of the current clamp, with its tear drop-shaped clamping jaws, makes using the device in the commercial or industrial sector a lot easier. Its ergonomic housing, especially sturdy due to its moulded rubber coating, permits single-handed operation of the BE38 current clamp and work in cramped switch cabinets or hard to reach places.

Four of the many advantages I find to be particularly good:

  • the 3 1/2 digit LCD display (max. display 1999)
  • the robust body with its moulded rubber coating
  • the CAT III 300 V measurement category
  • alternating current measurement up to 400 A

BE38 permits alternating current measurement without breaking the circuit

Measure safely, quickly and contactless via the electromagnetic field: Take advantage of our current offer and order your BE38 current clamp  today! Not for £13.83, but for the special low price of only £9.75 incl. VAT. – now available in the Trotec shop!

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