Fresh fruit – pure and simple


Fruits and vegetables always have to be fresh and crisp. When these healthy items are displayed in a store, the indirect moisture generated by a humidifier ensures particularly long-lasting freshness and a glossy appearance of the product. Customers like that. But the distributor should also care for the condition of the humidifying devices themselves. Freshness should be top priority here as well. That is why we recommend using SecoSan. With just one Trotec SecoSan Stick, the water in the tank of the humidifier stays clean and clear for a long time. And the device provides only the healthiest moisture for your fruits and vegetables. Practical, right?

Only fresh and healthy looking products sell well. This you know, as an operator in the business of freshness. So you pay special attention to the condition of fruits and vegetables when buying them. Because customers buying apples, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. are expecting crisp enjoyment and an extra dose of vitamins. Products with damaged spots and flimsy peels are weeded out, and only the best quality makes it to the display. But the display must also appear organised and clean. And it should provide the fruits and vegetables with the best climatic conditions to keep them fresh and crisp for a long time. Along with optimal coolness, a humidifier ensures the best storage conditions in your store. The extra dose of moisture keeps your products appetising and delicious – even over longer periods of time. You have already made the decision and gotten yourself an evaporation humidifier or air washer from Trotec? Smart move. Now you just need one more trick to not only keep your fruits and vegetables visually appealing but also to give them a pure freshness.

Purity for the humidifier

Additional purity for your fresh produce: The magic word is SecoSan. When you put a Trotec SecoSan Stick in the water tank of your humidifier, the small capsule ensures that nothing but clean, pure water touches your fruits and vegetables. The SecoSan Stick is namely a small ion reserve that works directly in the water. The silver ions dosed out by the stick bind germs and bacteria, thus preventing them from multiplying. Even deposits such as lime and biological growth are a thing of the past thanks to SecoSan.

Long-lasting purity

What is just a small movement of the hand for you is a great triumph for the water in your humidifier. Because: As soon as you drop a SecoSan capsule into your device, permanently pure water vapour will be emitted to your products. And you no longer have to undertake laborious cleaning of your humidifier tank – for at least half a year. Because that’s how long a stick ensures absolute water purity. SecoSan works independently without chemical additives. And unlike with conventional products, the water demonstrably remains almost entirely free of silver compounds. Thanks SecoSan!

Order in just a few clicks

You can order SecoSan sticks conveniently from the Trotec online shop. Take a look in the Trotec online shop today. You will find this effective ion reserve in various sizes – depending on your need. Here we offer enticing opportunities to save in all categories. You can order your long-lasting freshener in just a few clicks. Pure and simple – SecoSan!

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