NEW PJSS 11-20V Cordless jigsaw – a clean cut always guaranteed

With the new PJSS 11-20V cordless jigsaw you can make the right cuts wherever you need to. And since it is a Trotec pendulum action jigsaw, that’s what it’s all about when you buy it: For an extremely low price you will get endless benefits – for example the 20 V strong lithium-ion battery with no memory effect or self drain, the three pendulum action stages plus a swing-free, fine-cut setting, the steel base plate with a detachable sliding plate, the anti-splinter guard for tear-free cuts and…

Of course, the new cordless jigsaw PJSS 11-20V is in no way inferior to a wired jigsaw in terms of its functionality. On the contrary! When using the jigsaw, you can use a mobile, unrestricted range of motion and, without a cable to pose a tripping hazard, you are exposed to a lower risk of accidents. Furthermore, the cordless jigsaw is a clean solution for a variety of tasks, for example to quickly shorten your kitchen worktop or living room shelf directly on site – with the integrated dust extraction system you can also use this pendulum action jigsaw in your living areas.

The powerful motor of Trotec’s PJSS 11-20V is supplied by an energetic 20 V exchangeable battery for maximum performance power. Thanks to the lithium-ion technology, the battery doesn’t exhibit memory effect or self-drain, meaning that the jigsaw is also ready to use at any time, even if it has not been used for a long time. A three stage illuminated indicator on the device informs you about the current battery status and you can fully charge an empty battery in just under an hour with the included quick charge device.

How it works

The cordless jigsaw PJSS 11-20V enables easier sawing and material-specific work and at the same time fast sawing progress and improved curve mobility. This is made possible by the combination of infinitely variable stroke control with a safety switch as well as pendulum action that can be adjusted to four levels, including a fine cut setting. These effortlessly achieve cutting depths in wood up to 80 mm, in aluminium up to 12 mm and in metal up to 5 mm. The quick-release chuck of the PJSS 11-20V allows you to change the blade in just a few seconds without tools.

The transparent anti-splinter guard with marker point ensures precise, tear-free cuts for your sawing work at the workpiece. The integrated LED light brings light to the cutting area and the practical blow-out function guarantees that there will be no sawdust obstructing your view. For dust-free work in interior spaces, the blower function can also be set to suction mode and a vacuum secured with an adapter to the suction connection of the jigsaw.

The PJSS 11-20V has been ergonomically optimised for use in a wide range of applications and equipped with a soft grip inlays. Light and compact, the tool is therefore comfortable to handle, even during longer projects, always ensuring a secure hold for low-vibration sawing operations and can be guided precisely on its robust steel base plate. For mitre cuts, the plate can be swivelled to both sides in increments of 15° to 45° and an easy to attach plastic sliding plate is supplied for the protection of sensitive workpieces.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • the strong, 20 V lithium ion battery – with no memory-effect and no self-drain
  • the Flexpower multi battery – which can be flexibly combined even with other cordless tools
  • the four-step switch for optimum sawing progress: Three pendulum action stages plus a fine-cut setting
  • the infinitely variable stroke rate control with restart lock for safe working

The PJSS 11-20V cordless jigsaw – TÜV-certified brand quality!

Order the PJSS 11-20V cordless jigsaw today at our current offer price, reduced from £74.41 to just £46.49 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

The PJSS 11-20V cordless jigsaw as well as the cordless charger is of TÜV-certified quality as a guarantee of high value, safety and functionality and is supplied in a transport case with rip fence, adapter for external dust extraction, anti-splinter guard, sliding block, Allen wrench, two saw blades for wood and one for metal.

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