NEW 4-in-1 PAC 2000 SH air conditioning unit – finally available again!

Cool, heat, ventilate, dehumidify: Our new 4-in-1 PAC 2000 SH air conditioning unit can do it all and was sold out in no time. Now, the pleasantly low-cost all-rounder is available again, the only question is, for how long? If you want to cool down your small apartment or office in the most pleasant manner and, thinking ahead, keep it pleasantly warm during the cooler evening hours, you shouldn’t hesitate: Order now before others get there faster!

With its strong 2 kW output, the PAC 2000 SH is perfect for rooms of up to 26 m². In addition to the conventional automatic cooling, dehumidification and ventilation functions, this convenient all-rounder also has a heating function. Thus, the compact device, which was awarded energy efficiency class A, cools refreshingly during the day and is the perfect transitional heater for pleasant warmth during the cooler evening hours.

The benefits for you at a glance – the new 4-in-1 PAC 2000 SH air conditioner

  • is ideal for year-round use: In particular, when the seasons change, thanks to the cooling and heating function, you simply change the operating mode and create your own, pleasant, comfortable atmosphere.
  • you can switch to dehumidifier mode with just the push of a button – with a maximum dehumidifying performance of 0.8 litres per hour. The unit can also circulate air around the room without activating the cooling function: The PAC 2000 SH has a two-stage fan with an adjustable and variable air discharge direction for optimal air distribution within the room.
  • autonomously regulates the individually desired ambient temperature in automatic mode with the help of the integrated room thermostat. The air conditioning unit thus continuously generates your personal, comfortable temperature, regardless of whether the room is being cooled or heated.
  • the convenient timer function, allows for time-controlled activation and deactivation of the device to save energy and money.
  • can be operated either with the infrared remote control or using the low maintenance membrane key control panel with a backlit LCD display embedded in the device.
  • even ensures intelligent condensation recycling. In contrast to many other air conditioning units, the condensation tank on the PAC 2000 SH only has to be emptied every now and then as it uses the condensation water to cool the condenser using a recycling system, thus evaporating a large amount of the water.
  • can be moved easily and quickly between alternate locations thanks to its compact design, the integrated recessed grips and the transport castors. The cable wind-up on the back of the device makes it easier for you to store the PAC 2000 SH without it being a tripping hazard.

4-in-1 PAC 2000 SH air conditioning unit – the low-cost, year-round air conditioning unit

Order the 4-in-1 PAC 2000 SH air conditioning unit today at our current sale price, reduced from £404.54 to just £235.18 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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