NEW PAE 10 and PAE 20 3-in-1 Aircoolers – cooling by the principles of nature

Even when it is oppressively hot everywhere else, the air around rivers and seas remains pleasantly cool. Because when water evaporates due to heat, there is evaporation cooling. This natural effect is also used by our new PAE series Aircoolers. It should also be transparent that this applied principle of nature is naturally inexpensive.

The PAE 10 and PAE 20 Aircoolers draw the heat from the surrounding air by filling their tanks with cold water, and blow it back out as cool air. This cooling principle is efficient and ensures extremely low energy costs: With an air performance of 300 m³/h, both Aircoolers require a power consumption of just 70 watts. But above all, in contrast to conventional air conditioning units, this type of cooling requires no chemical cooling agents or set-up limitations, such as with expensive wall installations or the attachment of an exhaust hose to doors or windows.

However, the PAE series Aircoolers are better suited for use in small rooms and for small temperature differences.  Although some competitors try to sell their air coolers as air conditioning units – we at Trotec, as market leaders, always give you the whole picture and in  “Practical Knowledge – Air Conditioning” we gladly provide you with an overview of the differences between devices, functioning and possible applications of air conditioning units and air coolers.

How it works

Thanks to the additional ventilation and air freshening functions, the new PAE 10 and PAE 20 3-in-1 Aircoolers are not just a summer hit, but both can also be used continuously throughout the whole year – in the summer heat as air coolers for fresh and easy breathing, and in the winter as an air humidifier. Here, with the ventilation function, the intake air is first purified in the integrated air filter and sophisticated honeycomb structure of the evaporation filter, then it is humidified and- fed cooled back into the room, or uncooled if the cooling function is switched off.

The two air coolers offer you different options for optimal distribution of the cool room air: Three ventilation speeds, an adjustable blowing direction and optional automatic swivelling motion in swing mode enable individual adaptation to weather conditions and seating arrangement. The practical timer function additionally allows convenient, time-based usage.

A large water tank, with a capacity of 4 litres for the PAE 10 Aircooler or 5 litres for the PAE 20Aircooler, is practically all the air coolers need and thus ensures long cooling and humidifying periods.  The hourly consumption is so low, at about 0.4 litres for the PAE 10 Aircooler or 0.75 litres for the PAE 20 Aircooler, that in one work day, for example, it must only be filled once with water. When using, you should optimally fill the evaporation air cooler with water that is as cold as possible, whereby cold packs or ice cubes provide extra strong cooling.

With four rollers each and practical recessed handles, you can easily transport the lightweight and compact Aircoolers and use them in nearly any interior room.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like with both Aircoolers:

  • a 3-in-1 solution: air cooling, ventilation and air freshening in one unit
  • efficient evaporation cooling with honeycomb technology
  • ability to increase cooling performance through cold packs or ice cubes
  • adjustable blowing direction and automatically swivelling blades

The PAE 20 3-in-1 Aircooler has special comfort functions

  • The PAE 20 Aircooler can be controlled either using the remote control or on the control panel embedded on the top of the unit.
  • On the low-maintenance membrane keyboard control panel of this aircooler, in addition to the three ventilation speeds, you can select the so-called “Nature mode” as a special function. Here, the increasing and subsiding ventilation speed feels like a natural wind and has a highly refreshing effect. The interval automatically changes between different wind strengths in a recurring sequence – between “Low”, “Mid” and “High speed” – for various durations.

PAE 10 and PAE 20 Aircoolers – a natural principle. Naturally inexpensive!

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