Trotec tips to beat the heat – the TVM 18 S pedestal fan

The tip of the day: “Wear a hat!” As the body’s control centre, the head shouldn’t overhead. Hats or caps are the best way to protect the head against sun stroke and heat stroke when outdoors. If you choose a chic, retro model as your head covering, we would like to recommend our TVM 18 S period pedestal fan with its classic look to match. With this fine accessory, you guarantee a cool style à la Bogart and Audrey Hepburn – add a fruity drink and watch out: The camera is rolling!

Of course, the pedestal fan not only makes a powerful impression on people who love the classic retro design, it also creates a very strong breeze with its 120 Watts. This makes the low-cost chrome bargain suitable for nearly any use, before it gets too hot and muggy – at home within your own four walls, at the office, in a restaurant, as an eye-catcher at a party or as a decorative highlight on a photo or film set.

Beat the heat – thanks to these benefits

  • The TVM 18 S, like all other devices in the TVM series, is made almost completely of metal. The motor is also equipped with a copper coil and designed to have a particularly long service life. The operating panel on the rear includes the start and stop function and the 3 fan speed settings.
  • Thanks to its three power levels, the TVM 18 S will give a cool response to even the hottest temperature challenges. In addition, it cools down even large rooms very quickly due to its extendable and height-adjustable telescope pipe from 107 to 135 cm.
  • The pedestal fan has a variety of functions: The rotor cage can be tilted up to 110° around its horizontal axis so the cooling air flow can be optimally adjusted to your individual requirements. The easy-to-install wall and ceiling mount for the pedestal fan is also available as an optional accessory for the TVM series and can be used with flexibility.
  • The fan blades, with a diameter of 45 cm are encased in a protective metal grill. Safety is also ensured when operating the TVM 18 S because it runs smoothly and has a stable base which ensures it doesn’t tip over. The rear mounted handle and cable rewind make the TVM 18 S easy to transport.

TVM 18 S pedestal fan – the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

It will finally be available again from CW 31. Order the TVM 18 S floor fan today at our current sale price, reduced from £84.62 to just £46.99 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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