MultiMeasure Basic or MultiMeasure Professional Series – that is the question

Trotec Multimeasure Basic Series
After having yesterday introduced our readers to the merits of the MultiMeasure Professional Series, a series comprising a range of high-quality precision measuring devices designed to provide professionals with the tools they need to measure moisture in building materials, wood, walls, floors and ceilings and a variety of different parameters including air temperature, air velocity, air flow rate and relative humidity, it would seem only appropriate to present the virtues of another much-acclaimed series from Trotec, the MultiMeasure Basic Series – and to answer the question that many of our readers will be asking themselves: which one is better?

The answer: neither of them is better.

The MultiMeasure Professional Series is, as the name implies, a series developed by professionals who have accumulated years of experience in the fields of fire and water damage restoration, construction diagnostics and thermographic imaging and then harnessed this experience and know-how to provide other professionals with the measuring tools they need to carry out their own specific applications.

The MultiMeasure Basic Series has the same high standard of quality and the same aspirations as the Professional Series: to provide the people who use the measuring devices with the best possible tool for their own individual applications and the best possible price for each of our products.

The difference between the two series is not a quality issue. It is a matter of application. The MultiMeasure Basic Series is designed for users who are looking for a low-price entry model that does not comprise on quality. These models are not equipped with all the functions and features one’s heart could desire, they are equipped with just the features and functions you would expect to find in a model that provides you with the basic means to do exactly what you want it to do – without any of the unnecessary and costly paraphernalia which you often find in more expensive models.

The models in the MultiMeasure Basic Series have been honed to meet the demands of semi-professional applications. Applications that you can carry out in your home, in the workplace, during your free-time or at when at work. Two models which illustrate the strengths and – erm, strengths – of the series exceptionally well are the exceptionally popular BC15 thermohygrometer and the equally successful BM30 moisture meter.

The BC15 is a hand-held measuring device designed to determine the ambient temperature and relative humidity in the home, the office, in production lines and laboratories and even in florists. Features like a crisp, clear, easy-to-read backlit display, soft-touch keys and min and max hold functions are all features which you would expect to find in much higher-priced models and ones which you would sorely miss on less well-equipped ones.

The BM30 measures moisture in walls, floors and ceilings using the non-destructive method. This means that you no longer have to tear any holes in your walls or ceilings or rip up floors to detect moisture before then digging deeper to determine the cause or the source. Nowadays you can comfortably rely on the meter’s dielectric measuring method to provide you with the necessary information. The BM30 is equipped with the same excellent features as the BC15: backlit display, soft-touch keys, min and max hold function and an auto power off function which saves energy and conserves battery power. As you can see, it pays to go green.

These then are the arguments in favour of each series. You decide which series is better for you, because you decide on the application.

But no matter what model you choose, or which series – the MultiMeasure Professional Series or the MultiMeasure Basic Series – you simply can’t go wrong with Trotec.

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