Mould can be a killer – do something about it today

Dangerous mould

For at least 14% of the population in Germany 2008 was a bad year. Bad because almost a sixth of all the people questioned during a survey conducted by the German Federal Office of Statistics declared that the homes, flats or bedsits that they were living in were affected by damp.

Compared to the rest of the European Union, Germany didn’t do at all badly: the average number of homes or dwellings suffering from damage as a result of dampness was 17% EU-wide, with countries like Slovenia, Bulgaria and Hungary topping the list with 30.2, 30.4 and 30.8% respectively. But this is hardly a statistic to be proud of.

And they are not just statistics. The statistics equate into people, and in Germany alone this meant that around 12 million people were having difficulty with dampness and suffering from the effects that this was having on their homes, their families and their lives.

Dampness is a problem that shouldn’t and can’t be taken lightly. Dampness caused by damaged roof coverings or brickwork, subsidence and cracked walls, slipped or missing roof tiles, leaking drainpipes or blocked gutters, poorly-maintained window and door frames or condensation because new houses are sealed off so tightly that there is not sufficient ventilation can not only reduce the value of your property or the contents therein, it can greatly reduce the quality of life. The reason for this is that mould and fungi thrive on dampness. And mould and fungi not only attack your furniture, clothes, books and other possessions, they also attack your health. Many respiratory illnesses, skin irritations, allergic reactions or eye and throat conditions can be traced back to aggressive mould strains which can even prove lethal, especially to those who are already weakened by some other disease or illness or those who have a compromised immune system or are very young, very old or very pregnant.

So what can be done?

Eliminate the cause of the dampness. Get that roof or drainpipe fixed, do something about that window or door that needs to be repaired and address the problems you are having with condensation or subsidence. But don’t – on any account, don’t – just ignore the problem and wait for it to go away.

A tragic case involving the famous Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy and her husband made the headlines a few months ago when it was reported that the couple, who lived in a luxurious home in an affluent neighbourhood in Los Angeles, had succumbed to their illnesses which in all probability had been triggered by damp or excess moisture which had developed in their home.

There are thousands and thousands of homes all over Germany, Great Britain and the EU that are in dire need of repair – and dire need of a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers which combat condensation and remove excess moisture from the air before it can settle on your possessions and work its way into your walls, carpets and curtains. Dehumidifiers which not only regulate your indoor climate but also clean the surrounding air by filtering out airborne particles like pollen, pet hairs and dust which can also easily pose a real problem to your health. Dehumidifiers which can save money, worries and even lives.

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You won’t regret it.

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