Multi-function tools – application areas and possible uses

Mill, saw, cut, rasp or grind using one single tool – the possible uses of a multi-function tool are virtually unlimited thanks to the interchangeable tool attachments: For professionals in renovation and passionate DIY enthusiasts, it is practically the electrified Swiss army knife. When you hold this tool in your hand for the first time, you might be wondering what a multi-function tool can be used for and where exactly it can be used. An overview of the uses offered…

The multi-function tools’ strengths lie in the quick changeover of the tool attachments and the almost unlimited possibilities for a DIY enthusiast resulting from this. Whether sawing, cutting, grinding, scraping or milling – all functions can be carried out with just one single device. Therefore, as high-performance all-rounders, multi-function tools such as the Trotec PowerTools PMTS 10-230V and the PMTS 10-12V cordless device are also the ideal partners both for ambitious DIY enthusiasts and professional craftsmen – for interior construction, in the yard and in the garden, for renovating houses or for daily maintenance work inside your own four walls.

The specific purpose determines the choice of attachment. The attachments available as accessories cover many areas of application for renovation and maintenance work, so a new device does not have to be purchased for every DIY scenario. For most multi-function devices – and naturally for Trotec PowerTools – changing such an attachment is simple and quick to carry out. Both Trotec multi-function tools come in a complete kit as standard – with extensive accessories in a practical transport case, including a quick-charge device. Three additional very affordable accessory sets are optionally available – suitable for all multi-function tools with tool attachments in accordance with the OIS standard – and round off our deal perfectly.

Possible uses of the multi-function tools

Interior construction

  • Sawing sections into plasterboard
  • Grinding down old paints and primers
  • Milling grooves and drawing joints
  • Cutting through sealing compounds, insulation and expansion joints

Yard and garden

  • Grinding wood including finish grinding
  • Form grinding, edge breaking or shaping metal
  • Removing old paint and adhesive residues with the scraper
  • Plunge cutting into hard wood and coated material

Renovating the living room

  • Sawing laminate and parquet flooring
  • Customising furniture
  • Cutting carpet and footstep sound insulation
  • Cutting door frames, profile moulds and skirting boards to length
  • Scraper for the removal of carpet and silicon residues

Restoration works

  • Sawing recesses into pieces of furniture and wooden components
  • The level cutting of pipes, nails and screws
  • Cutting plastic pipes, wooden strips and metal rods to length
  • Milling joints and cut-outs in tiles
  • Scraper for the removal of tile adhesives, concrete residues and mortar

Trotec multi-function tools – market quality plus cost benefits

Until now, there were essentially just two options for multi-function tools – either good but expensive, or principally cheap. Be smart about your decision to choose market quality and cost benefits with the Trotec PowerTools multi-function tools from the PMTS series: Good quality and affordable in equal measure – professional Trotec solutions with an exceptional price-performance ratio! Why not find out about our current offers today:

Both multi-function tools come as a complete set with extensive accessories in a practical transport case. Furthermore, we are offering you the PMTS sets as an optionally available accessory – with the Trotec brand quality:

The new super-affordable accessory sets from Trotec are suitable for all multi-function tools with tool attachments in accordance with the OIS standard,

all offers include VAT. – in the Trotec Shop now!


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